Alorica Complaints & Reviews

Alorica / christopher moore

Sep 29, 2019

Supervisor employee Christopher Moore has disclosed to accessing my personal information and reading through, but not limited too, messages, contacts, and web data. During the disclosure he said he found a way to be able to access this information which there being any record due to...

Alorica / unethical behaviour

May 16, 2019

I am currently a Team Manager at the Charleston Wv site, I have invested 5 years of my career with this company. I work harder than any TM on at this site to promote Alorica as a "family business" I use to believe in that saying but I no longer believe that is the practice at the...

Alorica / not getting paid

May 10, 2019

Me and a couple of other co workers haven't gotten paid and pay roll and HR are doing nothing to solve it. People have bills, mine are due today and they are not making it a priority that we get paid. This issue needs to be resolved today, Alorica should be making this a priority, and they...

Alorica / team manager

Jan 03, 2019

Hi. Im Jessa Grace Labasa. Hopefully this would stay confidencial from my bosses in alorica centris site.. I have something to ask. Let's say you're a team manager, is it ok to ask or force your agent to resign because you are not passing? I just want to be enlightened. I have a...

Alorica / tm management

Dec 09, 2018

I recently joined this company 3 months ago . Since i started the trainer name is Madel Escobido . our members was cut in half. One goes to Jeric abayan which was my team manager and the other half was from Madel Escobido. Madel was transfer from a trainer being a Team manager. Madel is not...

Alorica / incentive

Nov 23, 2018

our quarter three incentive is not yet credited in our account i don't know why but they said that our client already gave the incentive suppose to be we should receive it 2 months after the quarter three it should be on November but November is about to end and we still don't have any...

Alorica / sprint - team joe ward - julie ann tabilog

Nov 21, 2018

I am complaining your agent Julie Ann Tabilog for being mistress at a whore, I request for her dismissal at work, sobra sobra n sya sa point n naninira n sya ng pamilya ang katulad nya ay dapat wala sa company nyo dahil nkksira ito sainyo, I am willing to go in your company to prove all my...

Alorica / bad management/bullying harassment

Sep 28, 2018

I am currently employed in PAcificwest Ph. I am very proud being part of the account and 2 months from now I will be able to say I am one of the agents stayed in wave 8. problem #1 management. During breaks or lunch, if its queuing we cannot take our break or lunch. I 've been sitting in...

Alorica / working from home position

Jul 10, 2018

I applied for a position with Alorica in Nov. 2017. I was assigned a training schedule and completed the three weeks required. When it came time for me to go to work, the system that I was supposed to use couldn't be accessed. I called EVERYBODY in Alorica for help after the help desk or...

Alorica / promised bonuses

Apr 04, 2018

I was "suspended" in February, coincidentally right at my 90 days, pending an investigation. I have not heard from anyone, in regards to the outcome of the said investigation. Unsure WHAT I was being investigated for, all was stated was they expected my numbers to be higher. But this came...

Alorica / recruitment misinformation (alorica cubao)

Feb 02, 2018

Good day! I was interviewed by alorica cubao before..way back 2016.i was endorsed for final interview. I asked the recruitment specialist for marikina site bec she gave me two option. I chose marikina bec of the higher compensation.she told me that i will received a phone call or text...

Alorica / management/ higher ups

Dec 02, 2017

Today they fired me just because my numbers weren't as good ev th thought I saw people who are far worse than me...they know I was good, customers loved me, but again we go back to favoritism in the work place...they just got up and fired me simple and warning not enough time to...

Alorica / blatant drug abuse and sexual encounters between staff members in public

Jun 02, 2017

I am a federal employee with a son and daughter in law working in a telemarketing firm on Research Loop very close to your office here in Tucson, Arizona. I drive through the area, just east of Research Loop, that includes the Alorica office on one side and on the other, the parking lot for...

Alorica / supervisor

May 24, 2017

Supervisor from ( Group Medicare Aetna) After I was allowed accessed to the building by security to go up to my floor to obtain my badge.She made a scene and raised her voice in a demeaning manner and demanded me to explain how I was allowed in the building when I gave an answer she was even...

Alorica / the job here

May 17, 2017

this place is full of crap. ever since this company bought the other company we worked for all kinds of rules changed and added more rules along the way every day its one thing after another. This company wants too much from us and is just using us like if we are slaves. they just want so...

Alorica / working conditions

May 15, 2017

Inappropriate conversations at work..Drug use at work and on the premises.Favorism towards people that the managers like. Being threatened to be fire for being tardy or emergencies. Racist statements made about the low income families that work there... The management in Pensacola Fl...

Alorica / bad management/sexual harassment/bullying

Nov 28, 2016

When I was hired on at Alorica it was great and wonderful. I was on top of the world. But the classes was full. So I started class two weeks later. But the class instructor and manager was not a great. She was not clear on what to do in our job. When we was thrust onto he floor to see how...

Alorica / harassment

Nov 09, 2015

HR Manager stated that I could not report my managers for Harrassment after I complained about the Music- *song choices with lyrics degrading and offensive to females, also racially and religiously offensive *blared through call floor speaker system *controled by ops managers and select...

Alorica / having to work on christmas day

Dec 25, 2013

people at Verizon are completely a greedy money hungry company. They hide behind some conjured up rationalization about customers needing to have their new phone turned on Christmas Day. How about the hundreds of employees you make work on Christmas so you can make a profit for your stupid... / assesement test


The test is not right; I ahave been in customer service for years and have recieved awards; and letters from customers etc: We all have our ways and we all are not hard wired like a robot; the test is foolish - tricky and desciveing and it is geared towrds customer service and if one even...

PRC/Alorica / employer


I was excited to begin a new job with PRC/Alorica in the begininng of April of this year; however, from the beginning there were issues. At first everyone seems very kind and nice and also willing to help. However, during training I became the subject of unusual abuse I would honestly say...

PRC/Alorica / bad recruiters, inconsistent, strange


This company just seems to have very shady recruiters. I was contacted by a recruiter for a position. I passed all the assessment tests and was told I would be called back. No one really called me back, and I continued calling them. Finally, I was called by one girl, who seemed to almost be...