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Alorica reviews & complaints

Alorica complaints 26

Alorica - Alorica Management

It was my first time working at Alorica and my first call center job EVER !! My trainer was amazing but my manager was a problem. I applied for work at home position due to not having any...

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Alorica - Operations Manager and Team Leader not being fair

I was with Alorica for almost 3years, on my first account for 2 years in credit one, it's been good! I loved working with my coworker and team managers but when I resigned (due ro low salary) and reapply and put on Largo Chat support and been regular and getting good metrics. Had my escalations due to the audit made on June 10 stated that I removed features on customer's account as per request and they implemented the rules "we can no longer removed and provide sso or self serve instead" dated June 6 for June playmaker and upon checking the said chat I had was made May12. My Tm saiD that it will be deducted for my net sales for the month of June as per Om. How come though it was month of May chat? And one more thing, they not even approved my leave request for this month even it's just only 2 days knowing that i have zero occurrence. Neved been late of absent. It seems that they are doing it for purpose, though some of my team mates can leave for a week. Why they are not fair enough? I also disputed my salary because I did not receive the correct amount of my net allowance even I'm not been late nor absent and no ISP issue at all. I don't even know why they are "hot" on me. I worked hard and doing my best to do better on my job but they make me stress at all times. More of my team mates already Awol because of what they did. Please help. My tm is Liecel Barbo under OM Janie Uy.

Alorica - Unreasonable work schedule creates work/ family life conflict, initial hiring agreement broken, no response to multiple shift change request

In December 2019, I was hired with the stipulation that I could not work weekends due to parental visitation with my children. I had weekends off for a whole year until a job change from AEP to CS...

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Alorica - verizon

Alorica is the worst job ever at the federal drive location. I work for verizon please dont work for this company too much headache the staff treat you like a child they throw you on the floor and...

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Alorica - alorica management

The worst company I have every work for I started wor k at home had to buy my own equipment and pay my own cable bill for $10 no raises . I had a horrible horrible supervisor Matt Hampson he was rude negative .racist I was fired for call avoidance for 6 mins let me tell you this company had a very bad system most of the time system freezes and they don't want us to reboot so how can we take calls . Supervisor lies blame our internet service . I could feel as time was going on that supervisor picks on people until they fire you . It's a sad situation that we complain to management and they never believe us . Now am trying to file unemployment as I have no income has a two year old and they Said I was fire for misconduct . Wow these people are horrible how could you do that to someone . They lied I contact management all they say is we will
Look into it . System went Gm down I. April
Still haven't got all my money they wanted to give you their own hrs and I try to tell them all my yes I work I got tired if fighting I gave up . Anyone that is was supervise under Matt Hampson please but your remark here because I know am not the only one that had problems with his man he is the devil I swear .

Alorica - christopher moore

Supervisor employee Christopher Moore has disclosed to accessing my personal information and reading through, but not limited too, messages, contacts, and web data. During the disclosure he said he...

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Alorica - unethical behaviour

I am currently a Team Manager at the Charleston Wv site, I have invested 5 years of my career with this company. I work harder than any TM on at this site to promote Alorica as a "family business" I use to believe in that saying but I no longer believe that is the practice at the Charleston office. I would like to speak to someone directly regarding my concerns and complaints. You may reach me at my email Jennifer.[protected] or cell [protected]. Thank you

Alorica - not getting paid

Me and a couple of other co workers haven't gotten paid and pay roll and HR are doing nothing to solve it. People have bills, mine are due today and they are not making it a priority that we get...

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Alorica - team manager

Hi. Im Jessa Grace Labasa. Hopefully this would stay confidencial from my bosses in alorica centris site.. I have something to ask. Let's say you're a team manager, is it ok to ask or force your...

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Alorica - tm management

I recently joined this company 3 months ago . Since i started the trainer name is Madel Escobido . our members was cut in half. One goes to Jeric abayan which was my team manager and the other half...

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Alorica - incentive

our quarter three incentive is not yet credited in our account i don't know why but they said that our client already gave the incentive suppose to be we should receive it 2 months after the quarter...

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Alorica - bad management/bullying harassment

I am currently employed in PAcificwest Ph. I am very proud being part of the account and 2 months from now I will be able to say I am one of the agents stayed in wave 8. problem #1 management...

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Alorica - working from home position

I applied for a position with Alorica in Nov. 2017. I was assigned a training schedule and completed the three weeks required. When it came time for me to go to work, the system that I was supposed to use couldn't be accessed. I called EVERYBODY in Alorica for help after the help desk or my PAL couldn't help me. As a result, they terminated me in February 2018. I applied again in July 2018, thinking just maybe things would be better (I even purchased a new computer just in case the problem was my system; though it was determined that it was not). I got through the test and virtual interview, but when I got to the second interview I was told that I couldn't reapply until August, which is only three weeks away and well before the training is to start. Now I have to wait and re-apply in three weeks and hope that the positions are still available. The training for the position doesn't actually start until Aug.20th. Alorica, if you are going to hold us accountable when things go wrong, then you need to do a better job at fixing things on your end--- knowledgeable staff and those that actually answer the calls. I love the idea of working from home in the Customer Service industry (which I have loads of experience), but it is difficult to get any where if I don't have the proper support from the company.

Alorica - promised bonuses

I was "suspended" in February, coincidentally right at my 90 days, pending an investigation. I have not heard from anyone, in regards to the outcome of the said investigation. Unsure WHAT I was being...

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Alorica - recruitment misinformation (alorica cubao)

Good day! I was interviewed by alorica cubao before..way back 2016.i was endorsed for final interview. I asked the recruitment specialist for marikina site bec she gave me two option. I chose...

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Alorica - management/ higher ups

Today they fired me just because my numbers weren't as good ev th thought I saw people who are far worse than me...they know I was good, customers loved me, but again we go back to favoritism in the...

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Alorica - blatant drug abuse and sexual encounters between staff members in public

I am a federal employee with a son and daughter in law working in a telemarketing firm on Research Loop very close to your office here in Tucson, Arizona. I drive through the area, just east of...

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Alorica - supervisor

Supervisor from ( Group Medicare Aetna)
After I was allowed accessed to the building by security to go up to my floor to obtain my badge.She made a scene and raised her voice in a demeaning manner and demanded me to explain how I was allowed in the building when I gave an answer she was even more temperamental. She on multiple occasions has been Unprofessional, Rude and Disrespectful . For a company that stands for Passion, Performance and Possibilities all supervisors should be held to that standard putting the example promoting improvement, generating innovative solutions empowering ethics based on principles that govern a persons behavior.

Alorica - the job here

this place is full of crap. ever since this company bought the other company we worked for all kinds of rules changed and added more rules along the way every day its one thing after another. Thi...

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Alorica - working conditions

Inappropriate conversations at work..Drug use at work and on the premises.Favorism towards people that the managers like. Being threatened to be fire for being tardy or emergencies. Racist statement...

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