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Current AT&T users, we stopped by a Vermont Cricket store to check phones and service plans. We were told by customer service reps that we could get two lines and unlimited data for $80, taxes and fees included. The Service reps told us that Cricket is owned by AT&T and our service would be exactly the same. Made the switch, upon our drive home, approximately 24 miles, we noticed that we had a reduced signal. Tried updating the phones, turned them on and off several times figuring that it just had to lock onto the signal. We arrived home to find no service on either phone. Checked our Microcell, did some research online--Cricket is not the same service, it does not connect with Microcell, Cricket gets reduced cell service priority. Our service reps failed to explain any of these shortcomings and deficiencies.

Contacted Cricket the next day via online chat since we still have no service signal. After a 1.5 hours of providing ime's and physical address, rebooting my phone almost ten times, they were moving my service order up to the advance technical support and we should be seeing a fix for this shortly.

The next day no word back from Cricket or signal. Drove back to store, en-route my phone blew up with missed calls and text from everyone but Cricket. Store reps said there's nothing they could do about fixing the service or returning the $50 activation and $80 billing. I had to call into Cricket again. Get this, I had to make the call outside of the store because we didn't have service to stay connected. After explaining that this service was not working for us on our Samsung S6 and S7, we would switch back to AT&T or Verizon and we would like to be reimbursed for the activation fees and billing service. Then they asked me for all the same information as the previous day even though they had my previous service order. Did the phone reboot several times and was told again that they would continue to work on it. I explained that this is unsatisfactory and we've already wasted more than 6 hours time and money for a service that was inadequate.

They still would not make it right. Went to the AT&T store switched back and had to eat re-activation fees but found a planned that fit our needs better than our previous one. That evening I called Cricket and asked for my charges to be refunded, they refused saying that I cancelled the service and they were still working on it and we should have been patient. After moving up the chain of service managers I got the same reply till one said "dispute it with your credit card company".

Thank You Cricket Wireless for making us aware that we live in a time when criminals dont need guns to take your money.

Jun 24, 2018
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      Jun 25, 2018

    signed up with Cricket transferring my service from Verizon. When I visited the store I questioned them about the ability to transfer my Verizon Galaxy S6. They assured me there was not an issue as long as it was unlocked. I proceeded with moving my service to Cricket, since it was a cost savings I needed after retiring. The Customer Reps had issues porting my number over, and seemed to be incompetent. After getting Verizon on the phone, they were finally able to get the number ported.
    Upon using the phone, I immediately had issues with functions on the phone. When I would send a text and attach a picture, the text would not send. There were not any notifications such as file to large. It would remain in my message app with sending as the status, but would never send. I was now also unable to download photos from the phone to my computer.
    There were issues on redialing an incoming call from your call screen. When I would tap the number to redial, it would attach a # or a one and the call would not place saying it was an international call. There were also additional issues with phone functions.
    After 3 months of trying to resolve these issues with four different Cricket Stores and 7 lengthy calls with Cricket Customer Service, including speaking with supervisors, I was informed all phones transferred to Cricket would not function properly in the Cricket system. I was then told I could upgrade to a Cricket phone and turn in my old phone, which was considerably higher in standards than the phone being offered. Cricket would also not offer any of the phones they had at the price available when initiating service, even though they did not advise the customer of potential issues of transferring a non Cricket phone. If you did purchase a phone from them it would be an additional $25.00 activation fee.
    There is not anyone available which would allow them to resolve these issues past the person you initially talk with, and their supervisor who has no authority to make any exceptions. Most of the staff at the Cricket stores are not properly trained to handle any issues.
    It is very disappointing that a company that offers good plans and coverage has such poor customer support and competent individuals to resolve issues with their customer.

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