Cricket Wirelesscustomer service treatment

I just received the worst treatment from Melvin, a supervisor in the Cricket Customer Care division. When I paid my monthly balance, I received a text indicating the amount due was paid and my service was reinstated. A day later, my service was suspended again, with no notification, for another $4 charge. When I called Customer Care to try and resolve the situation, I was treated as if I was nothing. I have been a Cricket customer for over 10 years and all I wanted was for someone to show some understanding and empathy for my situation. Instead, I was greeted, after over five minutes on hold with dead air, by Melvin, who clearly had his responses planned out and showed no sign of even trying to work with me. I have no problem paying the remaining fee and I never did; however, this issue was handled so poorly and I received such horrible treatment, this problem is now far larger than a $4/service suspension issue. I have tried to escalate this but Melvin has instructed me that he is the highest level I can go. I'm pleading with someone to tell me who I can speak with to resolve this situation.

May 06, 2017

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