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cricket class action lawsuit

If you have had a bad experience with cricket...please use your computer to file a complaint with the FCC or Attorney General for your state.Don't waste your energy complaining..take action. Hurt them where it hurts. If enough people complain..maybe we can get a class action lawsuit. Directions:
type in Attorney General to go to to the website . There will be a form that you can submit online to file your complaint.
You can also type in FCC to file a complaint there also...

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      Apr 24, 2012

    I have purchased 3 cell phones from authorized Cricket dealers in 2 years and two of the cell phones were defective. My last purchase was July 2011. At that time, I was told that if my phone had a problem within 1 year, to come back to the store and they would replace the phone. That was their guarantee and instruction (from the authorized Cricket dealer). Current phone broke in April 2012. I contacted the authorized Cricket dealer (store where I purchased my phone) and was told they WILL NOT honor the guarantee! They did look at the phone and determined that it was no fault of the user, but the phone was just bad. However, they wouldn't replace the phone. I then called 1-800-CRICKET and was told I could go to a "full-service" store. They provided the address and telephone numbers of numerous stores, but each store I contacted told me they would not replace my guaranteed phone, despite the fact that I still have my receipt, guarantee, and a warranty! Authorized dealers told me I could however, take the defective phone to a corporate store, located some many, many miles away and they MIGHT be able to help. I contacted this store, but all I got was an automated message to leave a message and someone would call back. No one has called back. I called the manufacture and was told I could mail my defective phone out of state. But repairs would take weeks if they could fix it. Meanwhile, I have no phone. Cricket sells poor quality products and does not stand by their guarantee!! I will contact FCC and Attorney General, as recommended. For anyone that is thinking of doing business with Cricket to buy quality cell phones, THINK AGAIN!!! Doing business with Cricket is nothing by headaches!! And waste of lots of money!! ---Quite frankly, I'm tired of businesses selling poor quality products and selling guarantees they do not honor. Next cell phone provider WILL NOT be Cricket!! Best of luck to all that have had problems with this company!

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