Cricket Broadband / they steal your money

Pottstown, PA, United States

I go into the store ask if wireless internet is available in my town (1 town away) the clerk said yes. I bought the droadband card got it home and it did not work. I tried to call the store & the number on the reciept was incorrect! I was on hold for over 1 hr to try to get someone in customer support through the 800# only to be told service is NOT available in my town. By then the store I purchased it from was closed. They close at 6pm I got customer care after 7pm. So promptly after work the next day I go to return it and inform the same clerk service is not available I want my money back, he only gives me $50.00 of the $75.00 I paid yesterday!!! I asked about the other $25 he said the activation fee is non refundable. I asked how can it be activated if I never used it???! So he won't give me my money back. I call customer service and after speaking to four different people no one would do anything to refund my full price.
In my opinion they are very incompetent and nasty on the phone as well as in person.

I would not reccomend doing buisness with Cricket Wireless company unless you like being taken advantage of.

I filed a complaint with my bank because I used my charge to pay & currently the bank is in the proccess of disputing the $25.00 charge.

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