Cricket Broadband / defective items and shipping costs

United States

I was solicited online to purchase a modem after recieving a popup while looking for a Cricket store.

The sales agent sold me a modem, overnight shipping and promised no automatic activation.

The modem did not arrive overnight, in spite of me being charged for overnight.
The modem would not activate, continued to show "activation failed" and was never initialized or used.
Automatic bill bay was setup for this defective item, and I was told I'd have to work this out with their escalation department.

In an attempt to return the item I called the number provided. I was told after being on hold I has called the wrong number, and could not be transferred I would need to call another number.

The second number I reached the "status order department" they stated they could only refund the cost of the modem. However they could not refund the shipping costs (in spite of it not arriving as paid for) could not refund the activation fee, in spite of it never being activated. And would be "unable to shoulder the costs of return shipping" I was told I could exchange, return the modem for a refund at any Cricket Store. This not being true, I was forced to go to a post office, wait in line, pay for shipping insurance and delivery confirmation.

To resolve this, I was told I would need to call a third number. I called the number given, and it was a different number but ended up at the original department I called at the beginning of this day. They were the "order department" and after being unable to help me, provided me with the number of the "status order department" where I had been after the second phone call.

My time, money and patience are worth something, and that results in my hope that you never do business with Cricket online after reading this.

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