Crescent Bank and Trust / Rude, not honest and have no compassion

LA, United States

13 days ago my car was repossessed by Crescent Bank and Trust, when I called to see how to get my car back I was yelled at for not paying my loan. I decided not to yell back because it would not get my car back any faster. I filled out all of the paper work they request, jumped through every hoop the set in front of me. It took them four days to decided if how I was to get my car back. They made the decision at 3:30pm (on the west coast, 5:30pm their time) that I needed to pay the loan off and when asked why they took the car they told me it was from not paying my loan. When they finally told me why they took it, it was from missing two payment in 2009 and that I have a lot of interest accrued. They told me the only way to make the payment was via Western Union or by Money Gram, my father was lending me the money to pay them off. We had to drive to LA to get the money transferred from his account to Crescent Bank. I called to get the routing number for the transfer and they refused to give it to me. Stating that the agreement was to make the payment through Western Union or Money Gram. I was not about to withdraw a large amount of money and then walk around with that much cash. After 20 minuted on hold they finally gave me the routing number. The money was to be transferred the next day, I called three to four times a day to see if the money was received. It took them four days to say the money was received. In the mean time I was accruing storage fees and rental car fees.
To get a hold of someone at the bank is hard, no one answers the phone and when they do they are rude. It took a call to a supervisor to get them to release my car.
This company seems to do this to a lot of people...they should be closed

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