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Creepy Hollows / A company with a good heart

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This complaint is about the inappropriate, dirty comments made about Creepy Hollows.
I have been a Creepy Hollows customer for approximately 7 months now and I can honestly say they are wonderful to do business with. This company is lead by Magnolia, Ash, and Princess. From my own experience, I believe them to be genuine paranormal sellers.
I, myself, made my first paranormal purchase from Creepy Hollows, partly out of curiosity. I was a scientist-in-training before my first purchase and now because of Creepy Hollows, I have learned so much about the paranormal. In addition to interacting with spirits through purchase, they offer a lot of free information in their encyclopaedia. It has been a very spiritual journey for me because of Creepy Hollows.
What I love about Creepy Hollows, is the chance to interact not only with real spirits, but other people who share an interest in the paranormal on the CH Forum. It truly is a community where one can learn and grow.
Magnolia has been unbelievably generous towards me. With every purchase, I get a lot of free goodies. In addition, to this, Magnolia of Creepy Hollows has been helping me with a paranormal problem of my own, free of charge. I am blessed to have someone like Magnolia on my side.
If there is anyone in doubt about the authencity of the paranormal items bought from eBay or any seller, I recommend taking your paranormal items to a psychic who specializes in psychometry (the psychic will be able to tell you what is "in" the item through touch).
In the end, it is always best to try things for yourself and see what is true and what is not. A spiritual experience cannot be understood through the words of another, but through one's actual experience. It is akin to someone pointing to the moon: One cannot know what the moon will look like by just watching someone else's pointing finger, but actually looking at the moon for oneself.
Blessings be to all,

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  • Zi
      25th of May, 2009
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    Creepy Hollows has always been good to me...and with their huge sales of 50-60% off, how can they just be after big money...they are offering over half off right now on all of their items! Everyone come over for tribute to Vincent Price week!! hehehe
    So for all the bashers out there...can you bring on a 50-60% off sale? No? Why not? Perhaps you are money grubbers?
    Creepy Hollows ROCKS!!!

  • Am
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    50-60% off only because they are so high to begin with!

    They were only nice to you to reel you in!

    Be careful! And do not say no or they will go after you!

  • Li
      1st of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Look at person who started this post. Magnolia posted it in her forum and then told everybody to come here and say nice things about CH. It's all crap!!

    Magnolia has her watchdogs in the forum. They abuse other members that don't agree with them and Magnolia just sits back and does nothing. Then they ban you if try to stand up for yourself.

    Anybody who doesn't kiss Magnolia and Ash ### gets banned. CH is one big cult and if you don't follow them then they get their members to harrass you.

    Creepy Hollows brainwash people into believing they are Gods. If you read the forum the people there really think Magnolia and Ash are Gods. They would eat their poop if Magnolia and Ash told them too.

    Look at the members in that forum. They are desparate. Most of them have no life. They're stay at home moms, anti-social, have some kind of mental disorder, etc. Magnolia and Ash are taking advantage of them and milking them dry.

    Creepy Hollows are friends with Haunted Curiousities. The little cat fights they have in the forum is just a front. Magnolia wants her forum member to look at her like an Angel. That's why she doesn't stand up to DeeDee. The truth is it's all an act. Creepy Hollows gets the sales and the forum members kiss her butt.

    Power is corrupt and Creepy Hollows will be struck by the lightning of God very soon. And all their followers will go down with them.

    Creepy Hollows partners with other sellers. They are one big cult. If you go on ebay a lot of the sellers there are partners with them - cpak ghost, a_new_gold_dawn, moonstar7spirits, etc

    Hell already has a place reserved for Magnolia, Ash and all of their followers!

  • Li
      12th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Lightingstrikes and Amysway are right, they wind you up against other sellers and reel you in to spend hundreds of dollars on something that you could get from others at a fragment of the price. I've seen so many sellers being slanted off on that forum that it's become unbearable to visit that site. If you offer your advice and service for free, why the need to comment on the 'competition' and then talk about one's own work that promises to reach god-like levels? SCAM, yeah, you can bet on it.

  • Cr
      24th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I surely hope you realize that people can visit our public forum, especially the Seller Review area, and see what you are saying is false. At least we possess the integrity to say things with our own name attached to it. We don't use anonymous names to say what we have to say. I also don't recall anyone promising god-like attributes from visiting the site, reading the site, partaking in any of the activities, or purchasing any product or service from the site.

    We've never threatened the "competition" or clients. The only sites that reflect a bad reputation of us or any other paranormal seller are the free, anonymous complaint sites like this one... and that is because these complaints are written by competing sellers.

    Why not put the energy & time into developing your craft rather than resorting to behavior such as this?

  • Li
      25th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Who said I'm a psychic? Or pretend to be one like you creepyhollows? I earn my money the serious way by having a job and paying my taxes. And to only sellers complaining about your site I can only say? you wish. Look around and you'll find most are previous customers like me who spent a lot of money on your crap that didn't work.
    And yes, you promise god-like stuff such as vampires caught in rings, etc.

  • Wh
      11th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Magnolia uses Dirty Tactics to intimidate and harass so many people. We spoke to the Better Business Bureau of New York and they confirmed what she’s doing is Dirty.

    Magnolia is the GOSSIP QUEEN and HYPOCRIT. She creates gossip about anyone that isn’t part of the CH mob. She twists the truth and posts a carefully worded thread in CH forum to make herself look like the victim. The people she slandered sees her posts but it's a trap to get them to go in the forum and be ambushed by the CH mob.

    CH thrives on a mob mentality. If you’re not a member of CH or if you don’t do what Magnolia says, then they will slander you in and outside their forum.

    Magnolia is a BLACK WITCH pretending to be white light. And her head is so far up her a-s-s that she’s drowning in her own Black Sh-it.

    Thousands of White Light beings are aware of Magnolia and her many followers. They are watching them very carefully. They know what she and her followers do. Many of their attempts to hurt innocent people have been thwarted.

    The power of 10-fold applies to Magnolia and all CH followers. We can smell your Evil Stench thousands of miles away. Your Darkness and your dark spirits cannot get through. All your attempts of negativity and dark spirits will be thwarted.

    And you will answer to a Higher Being who will strike you with the Lightning of Justice.

    You’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

  • Wh
      14th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    The FBI in Syracuse, New York has flagged Creepy Hollows and Magnolia West. An official report has been filed and she’s in the system now.

    The New York State Attorney General’s Office has been informed and they are watching her carefully. A report has also been filed with the Chief of Police in Canastota, New York.

    Magnolia is a SOCIOPATH and a TYRANT. She thrives on Mob Psychology.

    Magnolia thinks she’s above the law. She’s broken so many rules. She’s harassed, intimidated and defamed so many sellers and collectors. She uses the excuses of freedom of speech while breaking the law. She thinks she can get away with anything because she’s in paranormal.

    Well, now the authorities are taking action. An overwhelming amount of evidence has been gathered and continues to be collected.

    Here are some examples of what Magnolia does.

    Magnolia harasses and intimidates other sellers and collectors outside of CH forum. Then she runs back to CH forum and posts a carefully composed thread that is a LIE. She twists the truth to make it look like she’s the victim.

    She does this to gather her CH MOB and brainwash them. Whatever Magnolia says in that forum, everyone believes – even if it’s a LIE.

    That’s why there’s a public and private section in CH forum. She posts a Public thread INTENTIONALLY so you and others can see. Then she posts in the private section that only her followers can see. This is where she twists the truth even further and exaggerates her victim acting.

    If you go in CH forum to correct the Lie she posted, then you will be attacked by the mob. This gives Magnolia more reason to prove her point (which is the LIE) and then ban you.

    Magnolia promotes and enables a MOB MENTALITY within CH – especially in the forum.

    She sends her followers to do her dirty work so her hands remain clean. Scientific terms for this are Mob Boss, Tyrant, and Cult Leader.

    Magnolia has certain “favorite followers” in CH. They are BULLIES who bully and harass other members publicly in the forum. She posts rules and brags about reprimanding, but it’s all an act. She won’t do anything. Her “favorites” can get away with murder and she will even reward them.

    She brags that her forum has over a thousand members. The truth is half of those people aren’t there anymore! They either left on their own, or she harassed them into leaving.

    Magnolia loves to BRAG about how she’s “better” than other sellers. She encourages CH members to bad mouth other sellers and collectors – even if they’ve never bought anything from that seller.

    If you’re not part of the CH Cult, then you are considered their enemy. Magnolia and her followers will use every means to ruin you.

    Magnolia is a HYPOCRIT. She says she believes in freedom of speech, but she doesn’t like it when people speak the truth about her and CH.

    She has moles planted in every single paranormal site on the internet. She has them post lies and bad reviews about other sellers. At the same time, they are posting about Magnolia like she’s a GOD.

    Magnolia also collects names of people she thinks are sellers. We contacted people on that list. Some of them aren’t even sellers and some aren’t even into paranormal. Magnolia is placing innocent people on that list.

    Magnolia is a typical example of a SOCIOPATHIC TYRANT. As history shows, Tyrants always fall down hard on their face. And most of them end up in JAIL!

    If you’ve been harassed by Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows (past or present) - - -

    · Save all email and correspondence from Magnolia and her followers. They are admissible in court and they can be traced back to her.
    · Contact your local FBI office. File an Official Report and confirm that it’s in the system. Leave it up to the FBI. They have Magnolia flagged and they will handle it from there. The FBI shares a national database and all the offices will be able to see all reports filed against Magnolia West and Creepy Hollows. Here’s the link to find the office nearest you. -
    · You can contact the FBI in Syracuse, New York directly. 315-422-0141 Or, go thru the Albany, New York office 518-465-7551 and ask to be transferred to the Syracuse field office.
    · Contact your Local Police Dept. File an Official Report with them as well. The FBI has access to all law enforcement databases.

    DO NOT BE AFRAID of Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows. She will get what she deserves. After all the evidence are presented by the State of New York, she will go to JAIL!

  • Fr
      4th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Co0nfirmed today that she (magnolia) is sending one of her favorites ANGELDUST to go after sellers. She is literally making things up! Just so that everyone knows this supposed person ANGELDUST is fsflyingstar on ebay and trying to hide her identity because the seller she is after today she left great feedback for. Not just Item recieved but feedback about showing activity from her spirits. Sounds fishy to me! Be careful sellers and buyer. Creepyhollows is in business for creepyhollows and the forum is rigged!

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