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I for one have been keeping up with the complaints against creepyhollows. I have to say at first I was undecided about who was the guilty party and to tell you the truth I don't know who is worse. The crazy vengeful customer who has made it her life mission to act like a nut case with her entertaining guides or who laughable about me pages. Or magnolia from creepyhollows who is taking money from the poor and innocent? I was very shocked when I received my bed bath and beyond flyer in the mail the other day and found the same items on creepyhollows auction sites claiming to be "haunted" or "potions" she is selling a $9.99 fragrance diffuser set for $100 marked as spells or potions. Wow.. So I guess with all the evidence my conclusion is the buyer tranquility is the lesser of two evils.
My investigation led me to find out that tranquility has reported several ebay sellers to ebay safe harbor, But because she went about this in such a horrible manner and confirmed that she host lost her mind, ebay told me straight away they don't take any complaints by this id seriously. This leads me to believe that this is the reason for her guides and about me pages is because she has ruined her rep with ebay.
This is what I have come up with,
Magnolia I have to give you props you are good and what you done. You website is impressive but all you are is a business women. sooner or later everyone will see you for what you are and the truth always come out. You can't do this to people year after year without karma getting the better of you. I know about the shill bidding, the buying of ebay accounts from your customers, how you report other sellers including the ones that think you are their friend. The only thing I can say is if you have been ripped off by this seller, yes you can report it to ebay but it won't do much good. report it to paypal!!! and file a claim. When you are done with that file with the better business of New York, New york congress, the internet police, whoever will listen.

As for the buyer, get over it lady. You have been blocked by almost every ebay meta seller on ebay. You talk a good game but in one of your guides you point out in your own words that you started collecting only a year ago now you are an export? yeah ok then why are you buying this crap on ebay? conjure your own spirits if you are that talented. If you have a husband and family get a life now. I mean you even tried to be a seller and that didn't work out because the community sees you for what you are also. You case may have even looked better coming from a buyer then you try to become a seller and all the credibility you had vanished the moment you listed your first meta item on ebay.

I am writing this as a neutral party this is just the way I see it. All though I have purchase metaphysical items on ebay. I never purchased from either of the two people I am complaining about here today. If either party or any reading this disagrees with me, it would be my pleasure to debate the point.


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    StupidMe Mar 08, 2009

    I won an auction from another Meta seller on E-bay who's approved by Creepyhollows. Artemiss55. I later saw the item I paid an arm and leg for sitting on a shelf in Dollar Tree! I was furious but too embarrassed to say anything about it. I posted around the internet asking if anyone else had a bad experience with them and got flooded with responses. One man had sold jewelry to them thru another username on E-bay that they were turning around and selling as found items in their so-called haunted estate! Another person had won a supposed very old object which showed up with wet paint all over it. As nice as they seem, they are still just con artists. I think they are all fake now and I don't buy meta items any longer from anyone. They made a fool of me.

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  • Yo
    you-who Mar 14, 2009

    I don't know what to say here. I am a practitioner of Magick but do not sell any of my creations on E-bay or otherwise. I do, from time to time, buy objects that strike my fancy. I've probably bought something from the majority of metaphysical sellers on E-bay at some time or another.

    I have had nothing but positive experiences with Magnolia and Ash. So far, I haven't bought anything "fake".

    I do take issue with some of the negative stuff that I read about other genuine sellers in the CH forum by other forum members. Still, if I stay away from the seller review portion of the forum, then I have nothing to say but positive things about Creepy Hollows.

    I know better than to buy $100.00 perfume bottles with spells on them. My advice is to buy things that you like and don't pay more than they are worth. If you buy a pretty perfume bottle that is fake and doesn't have a spell on it, cleanse it and learn how to cast the spell yourself! You will save so much money that way...and the spell will be much, much stronger.

    Besides, you can cast a spell on a toothpick and it will be just as effective as if you cast it on a piece of Tiffany crystal.

    I'd bet Magnolia will teach you how to cast that spell, too. She offers classes, has a spell of the month club, and will even give anyone 100 free spells just for visiting her website at

    I don't see how they are profiting, let alone shill bidding.

    I've bought things from Magnolia for next to nothing. Last month, I won a beautiful and unused ball gown for $17.50. Trust me, I don't think they shill bid. I had a bid of $70+ dollars on it. The fabric and beads alone would have cost me more than triple my cost.

    Finally, I have noticed a bunch of trash talking smut from people who claim to be practitioners of magick. I really, really want to know something. Why? If these trashtalking people are mighty magi wielding magical wands of immense power- why do they have to resort to backstabbing talk and personal harassment in order to bring someone else down?

    Why not work on elevating oneself?

    Just a thought.

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  • Cr
    Creepy Hollow Gear Oct 03, 2009

    I would like to point out the Creepy Hollows and Creepy Hollow Gear are two VERY different companies. Creepy Hollow Gear is a little to no profit business selling paranormal equipment world wide.

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  • La
    Laura-Twilight Paranormal Oct 03, 2009

    I have never heard of Creepy Hollows until now. However, , , , , , , I, and other members of my paranormal group do own and use quite frequently equipment purchased from CREEPY HOLLOW GEAR. Our equipment purchased from this site was VERY reasonable and we have had AWESOME results from.

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  • Sw
    Sweetsnthings Jan 07, 2010

    Dear Hot Mama,
    When a person collects paranormal items, they do not buying the items for it's actual market value, they are buying the essence/energy/thoughts/spells/spirits (perceived value) on the item. Now you can chose to be closed minded person and say there is not such things as spirit and thought energy while your life spirals into deeper and deeper bad luck, because you constantly offend others with your know-it all attitude, thus attracting bad thoughts/energy/spirits your way... or you can chose to keep your opinions to yourself until you actually experience for yourself.

    I've bought many items from various sellers. Creepy Hollows has always delivered. Pact with energy and helpful in helping people ascending in spiritual knowlege, abilities and powers. They always gives tons of free stuff so you can try things. Sure she's a great business person, but last time I checked that wasn't a crime. Unlike other psychics services like the psychic friend's network who couldn't see they were going to fail and go bankrupt or sylvia browne who made a mistake telling a person their son was dead in fact when he wasn't, I would say Creepy Hollows is a good value for something you normally wouldn't have a chance to get if it wasn't for the internet.

    How well it works depends on you, your brain, your openness and practice.

    You can read their forum and see how the community is growing... I know. I know. It sucks to fall off the high horse and be wrong...doesn't it? =) Anyways take care...wish you the best.

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  • Li
    lightingstrikes Feb 01, 2010

    Magnolia has people watching the internet for any posts about CH. Then she posts it in her forum and then tells everybody to say nice things about CH.

    Creepy Hollows brainwash people into believing they are Gods. If you read the forum the people there really think Magnolia and Ash are Gods. They would eat their poop if Magnolia and Ash told them too.

    Look at the members in that forum. They are desparate. Most of them have no life. They're stay at home moms, anti-social, have some kind of mental disorder, etc. Magnolia and Ash are taking advantage of them and milking them dry.

    Creepy Hollows are friends with Haunted Curiousities. The little cat fights they have in the forum is just a front. Magnolia wants her forum member to look at her like an Angel. That's why she doesn't stand up to DeeDee. The truth is it's all an act. Creepy Hollows gets the sales and the forum members kiss her butt.

    Power is corrupt and Creepy Hollows will be struck by the lightning of God very soon. And all their followers will go down with them.

    Creepy Hollows partners with other sellers. They are one big cult. If you go on ebay a lot of the sellers there are partners with them - cpak ghost, a_new_gold_dawn, moonstar7spirits, etc

    Magnolia has her watchdogs in the forum. They abuse other members that don't agree with them and Magnolia just sits back and does nothing. Then they ban you if try to stand up for yourself.

    Anybody who doesn't kiss Magnolia and Ash ### gets banned. CH is one big cult and if you don't follow them then they get their members to harrass you.

    Hell already has a place reserved for Magnolia, Ash and all of their followers!

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  • Cr
    creepyhollows Feb 01, 2010

    I find it interesting that all of the posts are from people who do not identify themselves. If you were a banned member, which to date there has only been 4, then you should be able to tell us who you are.

    As for the forum, there are over 900 members at this point, close to 1, 000 and I think anyone would find it hard to believe what you are saying. I invite anyone to go to the forum and see for themselves. They can also reference to see about internet harassment from people like "lightingstrikes" and others. Right now US legislation is now completely up to par with defamation such as you are commiting here but some day soon it will and companies like complaintsboard will either be compelled to remove the content of defamation or turn over identities of the people such as yourself for prosecution.

    Any paranormal eBay sellers, paranormal investigators, paranormal websites and paranormal groups are allowed to advertise on the forum or sell in the Marketplace at no cost. They do not have to be "partners" with us and owe us nothing other than conducting themselves in a respectful manner, which so far all have done.

    We've only had one recently banned member, and if this is you "lightingstrikes", then I don't think it will be difficult for people to understand why you were banned considering the majority of the forum read the threats made to other members.

    Google-bombing & this kind of internet defamation is easy when people refuse to identify themselves or provide any kind of specific, identifying information to back their claims.

    Our site has steadily grown over the last 3 years and some members stay while others come & go. It's up to them. Forum members are not asked to do anything or perform any action on our behalf to others. If people post here or anywhere else regarding the internet defamation it is because they feel compelled to defend us because they know the truth. Although I believe most of them would like to stay out of this because fighting someone who hides behind fake names such as "lightingstrikes" is silly.

    We have a lot of friends in many, different paranormal communities and we stand strong with our good reputation and if that irks people who resort to actions such as this, then that is their problem to deal with.

    Anyone & everyone is welcome to come to the site, and most people after coming & getting to know everyone in the community, find the truth that the people in the CH community are really great people who support one another as friends and posts like this become advertising to bring people to the site rather than deter them.

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  • Ax
    Axolotl Apr 15, 2010

    'another person had won a supposed very old object which showed up with wet paint all over it.'
    So they were using oil paints on the object? I'm a painter and every medium I use use dries very fast except for oils so the paint would have dried in the mail at least (that or the wrapping would be all stuck to it) so I'm calling this out as an obvious, laughable lie.
    I've brought two items from Creepy Hollows, the delivery was extremely slow (but I'm over seas) but the items were better than I expected (and very cheap) with a lovely freebie I wasn't expecting, they'd also sent booklets, how-to's and lots of info on my items. I was impressed, but then that's only two items.
    I can't speak about the forums as I'm not a member though.

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  • Cu
    customer4life Apr 16, 2010

    i doubt that Magnolia really has people look out for negative posts and has them say nice things. LMAO. im new to spirit keeping and new to Creepy Hollows. My first experience was with a seller who was OFF THE WALL and made my life hell. Magnolia not only cleaned up that sellers mess with me, but gave me what i needed for free. i now have 3 baby dragons and a Djinn and only one came from Magnolia. she doesnt insist anyone buy from her and she allows other sellers to post on Creepy Hollow forum. i owe my spirit education to them and i appreciate what they have done for me. i am a customer for life

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  • Pa
    Paraseeker Apr 16, 2010

    Are you the same God name dropper that keeps on threatening to curse other members for not listening to you rant about ridiculous imaginations and delusions? I recall there was a crazy maniac, saying crazy abusive things who DID get banned for their negative evil words. Unfortunately I don't think there is a place in heaven or hell for such a double standard moral delusionist such as that person.

    I would wager that any negativity that person sends to others will come back a hundred folds. So I wouldn't be wishing any negativity towards anyone. Just let it go. The law of the universe will prevail.

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  • Li
    literary May 12, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    APPROVED BY creepy hollows? Are you kidding? Those approved people work together, one pointing to the other in order to maximise sales. It's why that forum points at some 'approved and recommended' sellers and disregards the others that could prove competition. Hot Mama put it right, they are con artists. Propaganda to make a quick buck off the unsuspecting customer. Creepy Hollow's fake and manipulating.

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  • Cr
    creepyhollows Jun 24, 2010

    I agree, there are a lot of anonymous complainers (competitors) who abuse complaint sites like this one to try & cause damage to metaphysical & paranormal sellers. So many of eBay's metaphysical category has complaints like this one on complaint sites all over the internet.

    I realize we are a big & easy target, but being well-known in the community many already know our reputation is solid & the only place where complaints are made are on anonymous, complaint sites like this one.

    You would all be better served to invest the time in your life & in your craft rather than behaving in such a juvenile manner as this.

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  • Li
    literary Jun 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm not a psychic, dear. In fact, I'm a former customers who paid a lot of money and got nothing in return. You can try to talk yourself out of those complains for all you want, most here are your former customers. I'm wondering whether you're actually paying your taxes for all the money you make by pretending to be something other than a scam yourself. Worth a shot asking at the investigation office.

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  • Wh
    WhiteLight Nov 11, 2010

    Magnolia uses Dirty Tactics to intimidate and harass so many people. We spoke to the Better Business Bureau of New York and they confirmed what she’s doing is Dirty.

    Magnolia is the GOSSIP QUEEN and HYPOCRIT. She creates gossip about anyone that isn’t part of the CH mob. She twists the truth and posts a carefully worded thread in CH forum to make herself look like the victim. The people she slandered sees her posts but it's a trap to get them to go in the forum and be ambushed by the CH mob.

    CH thrives on a mob mentality. If you’re not a member of CH or if you don’t do what Magnolia says, then they will slander you in and outside their forum.

    Magnolia is a BLACK WITCH pretending to be white light. And her head is so far up her a-s-s that she’s drowning in her own Black Sh-it.

    Thousands of White Light beings are aware of Magnolia and her many followers. They are watching them very carefully. They know what she and her followers do. Many of their attempts to hurt innocent people have been thwarted.

    The power of 10-fold applies to Magnolia and all CH followers. We can smell your Evil Stench thousands of miles away. Your Darkness and your dark spirits cannot get through. All your attempts of negativity and dark spirits will be thwarted.

    And you will answer to a Higher Being who will strike you with the Lightning of Justice.

    You’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

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  • Quiet_Observer Jan 24, 2011

    Oh my goodness... D:

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  • Wh
    WhiteLight Feb 14, 2011

    The FBI in Syracuse, New York has flagged Creepy Hollows and Magnolia West. An official report has been filed and she’s in the system now.

    The New York State Attorney General’s Office has been informed and they are watching her carefully. A report has also been filed with the Chief of Police in Canastota, New York.

    Magnolia is a SOCIOPATH and a TYRANT. She thrives on Mob Psychology.

    Magnolia thinks she’s above the law. She’s broken so many rules. She’s harassed, intimidated and defamed so many sellers and collectors. She uses the excuses of freedom of speech while breaking the law. She thinks she can get away with anything because she’s in paranormal.

    Well, now the authorities are taking action. An overwhelming amount of evidence has been gathered and continues to be collected.

    Here are some examples of what Magnolia does.

    Magnolia harasses and intimidates other sellers and collectors outside of CH forum. Then she runs back to CH forum and posts a carefully composed thread that is a LIE. She twists the truth to make it look like she’s the victim.

    She does this to gather her CH MOB and brainwash them. Whatever Magnolia says in that forum, everyone believes – even if it’s a LIE.

    That’s why there’s a public and private section in CH forum. She posts a Public thread INTENTIONALLY so you and others can see. Then she posts in the private section that only her followers can see. This is where she twists the truth even further and exaggerates her victim acting.

    If you go in CH forum to correct the Lie she posted, then you will be attacked by the mob. This gives Magnolia more reason to prove her point (which is the LIE) and then ban you.

    Magnolia promotes and enables a MOB MENTALITY within CH – especially in the forum.

    She sends her followers to do her dirty work so her hands remain clean. Scientific terms for this are Mob Boss, Tyrant, and Cult Leader.

    Magnolia has certain “favorite followers” in CH. They are BULLIES who bully and harass other members publicly in the forum. She posts rules and brags about reprimanding, but it’s all an act. She won’t do anything. Her “favorites” can get away with murder and she will even reward them.

    She brags that her forum has over a thousand members. The truth is half of those people aren’t there anymore! They either left on their own, or she harassed them into leaving.

    Magnolia loves to BRAG about how she’s “better” than other sellers. She encourages CH members to bad mouth other sellers and collectors – even if they’ve never bought anything from that seller.

    If you’re not part of the CH Cult, then you are considered their enemy. Magnolia and her followers will use every means to ruin you.

    Magnolia is a HYPOCRIT. She says she believes in freedom of speech, but she doesn’t like it when people speak the truth about her and CH.

    She has moles planted in every single paranormal site on the internet. She has them post lies and bad reviews about other sellers. At the same time, they are posting about Magnolia like she’s a GOD.

    Magnolia also collects names of people she thinks are sellers. We contacted people on that list. Some of them aren’t even sellers and some aren’t even into paranormal. Magnolia is placing innocent people on that list.

    Magnolia is a typical example of a SOCIOPATHIC TYRANT. As history shows, Tyrants always fall down hard on their face. And most of them end up in JAIL!

    If you’ve been harassed by Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows (past or present) - - -

    · Save all email and correspondence from Magnolia and her followers. They are admissible in court and they can be traced back to her.
    · Contact your local FBI office. File an Official Report and confirm that it’s in the system. Leave it up to the FBI. They have Magnolia flagged and they will handle it from there. The FBI shares a national database and all the offices will be able to see all reports filed against Magnolia West and Creepy Hollows. Here’s the link to find the office nearest you. -
    · You can contact the FBI in Syracuse, New York directly. [protected] Or, go thru the Albany, New York office [protected] and ask to be transferred to the Syracuse field office.
    · Contact your Local Police Dept. File an Official Report with them as well. The FBI has access to all law enforcement databases.

    DO NOT BE AFRAID of Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows. She will get what she deserves. After all the evidence are presented by the State of New York, she will go to JAIL!

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  • As
    Asbestos May 31, 2011

    Creepy Hollows is corrupt as hell, and if you're not part of their little 'clique' on e-Bay, BEWARE because they will come after you. They don't want you stealing their profits, otherwise why would they still sell on e-Bay even when they already have their own store (which sells the same crap you can get on for cheaper. Don't believe me? Check this out: This is a screenshot of a "COPYRIGHTED" item they have for sale. The original link can be found here, but I'll put money that Magnolia will remove it which is why I have also taken a screencap: PLUS the same image is attached to this post.

    Ok, so it's a box that they claim to have COPYRIGHTED with a Quetzalcoatl on it. Pretty funny then that you can get the same kitschy box from Amazon, for cheaper:

    Now, lets look at what COPYRIGHT actually means. From the Dictionary:
    The exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.

    So they claim to have the LEGAL RIGHT to sell these boxes, that they had no hand in creating and simply bought and resold. Shoddy business practices, indeed!

    Creepy Hollows is a SCAM, from start to finish. One simply has to google "Creepy Hollows Scams" to find PAGES of source information on their terrible habits. They claim that it's disgruntled sellers that hate them - but if you check the dates on the reports none of them fall within the same time-frame. They're just back-peddling in their story because they know they've been caught with their pants down and they're trying to cover up their lies.

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  • Fr
    fropstythesnowman Jun 04, 2011

    Sellers beware.. She is now sending her brood after Sellers she is jealous of AGAIN! Her THING "as usual" is to send her believers who are blind to attack other sellers! Other sellers Beware. Magnolia ios on the warpath and if you are not part of the group of favorite sellers she will having her favorites go after you on her FAKE seller REview FOrum!

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  • Ks
    KSmi8892 Jun 17, 2011

    I think this is juvenile i have not had any contact with magnolia or ash and i do not ever ever see myself as being apart as a mob or cult. What i see here is a couple that took they're hobby and found a way to share it with others. and as for this Creepy hollows and members will be in the depths of hell all i ask is why? i have not done anything demonic nor have i asked Satan to be apart of my life, i never would. I have purchased items from creepy hollows and it has changed my life. I do believe that the paranormal will receive those with open minds and whos intuitions are of pure thought.
    I do believe that lightingstrikes and white light seem to be the same format and think that you are just a little pissy and think that you are doing the vengeance of god. then i ask who are you to judge? did god tell you to? does that not count as paranormal activity? when you fold your arms, bow your head and close you eyes are you not asking to speak to a spirit? and what do you have to say that your spirit has condemned thousands to hell for wanting to take a chance at a experience something out of the normal.
    being as this is america you have the right to say what ever you want and i will fight to the death to defend that, but some people just like to talk as nothing but evil energy is derived around your words. does god not say treat others how you would like to be treated and you should not judge because for you it is not your right only in the eyes of the lord shall be the one judge?
    well you lightingstrikes/ whitelight just make me think that god gets people to do his dirty work by getting you to say rude things "The truth is it's all an act" well you my friend would be doing the same thing for your god as creepyhollow members supposedly do as you say.
    I for one will never believe in a god nor will i ever put myself in a cult/religion. the earth and her energy run it their self, you are just a type of energy that wants your voice to be heard and seen as right... no one will ever know if you are right and no one will ever try and disprove you either because you take god on your side. well contrary to popular belief whos to say god is really there, other then you showing up at your "practices" where you in thousands "worship" something you can not see.
    people have the right to decide their path in this world because of the freedom of choice. creepyhollows has the right to sale items even if it pisses you off just like best buy walmart and other major corporations. you should really focus your energy on how they beguile the entire American population while receiving there labor from unprivileged countries, or maybe you should focus your energy on companies that make your food to sale in grocery stores and how they lie to people, some even die from a germ they have caught from eating. why not ask your FBI to step in on that? instead you waste your time trying to take down a company that built themselves and have little effect on the entire world, weather or not their items a genuine or not is in the eye of the beholder. and you have no right to speak for every one that has bought an item from creepy hollows for it was their choice to push the Commit to Buy button.

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  • Su
    sumdumguy May 14, 2013

    Quite frankly I am shocked by the amount of arrogance, ego and fear being presented in many of these comments. We live in a world and within ourselves where we do not understand much of what happens. To simply say something is fraudelent or has metaphysical properties without truly understanding both sides of the position, is a poor reflection on our intelligence and a glaring weakness of our society. There is scientific research which supports both sides of this situation. The research in and of itself may be open to debate, but my point is taking an alarmest position seems to be doing more harm than good. If people choose to purchase metaphysical items and say they are legitmate by their perceptions, who are we to judge them? Do you have definitve proof their claims are untrue? We live in a society where 90% of the people believe in a supreme deity, yet to the best of my knowledge, proof of this belief has yet to come to fruition. Perhaps, the best approach is to keep an open mind and not close ourselves off to the truths yet to come. I suggest a long hard look internally to determine who each of us really are and what can do to improve our well being and understanding to the one thing most of us don't fully understand, ourselves.

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  • Ed
    EdwardH May 16, 2013

    There seems to be many fraudulant reports against creepy hollows. Let me be perfectly clear about my position in this matter. I am a retired police officer from San Jose, California. I was hired by an individual to investigate a fraulent activties in August 2012. I concluded my investigation in January of 2013. I found many allegations on the internet and a few filings with other agencies. Since there is so much misinformation out there, I wish to share my findings. First off, the FBI did a previous investigation and did not find suitable evidence to continue their investigation. The case was closed. The case was closed very quickly which strongly suggest the case itself had little or no merit. No other federal agencies have active cases open. State prosecutors have also not filled any claims due to lack of evidence. What I found on the internet was many different claims of fraud. In tracing the IP addresses associated with these cases, many of the fraud claims are one person making several different allegations of fraud. I further found my client did not provide the correct information to creepy hollows. Once creepy hollows had the correct information, the situation was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. It was a case of simple miscommunication and lack of understanding on behalf of my client. While creepy hollows may be guilty of fraudulent charges, my investigation found several inconsistencies regarding claims of fraud.

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  • Da
    daughterofSatan Oct 23, 2013

    Creepyhollows is a damn cult. I was a member of their forum for a few years and then got banned because on another metaphysical forum someone(we will call them D.) mentioned they had bought from creepyhollows and had all kinds of problems with the item and CH wouldn't help them. The spirits ended up being very negative and wrecked havoc on D'sand D's family;s lives. tried to post in the to get help and had their posts erased and their account banned.

    So when posted their account on the other forum I was a member of i posted on their thread that creepyhollows should be ashamed of themselves and should help. I was kind of negative towards them(creepyhollows) but they deserved it. D. had children and their children were harmed as a result of the items from CH. Anyway creepyhollows had spies at the other forum and the spies got back to Magnolia that there was a negative thread about them even though C.H.'s name was never mentioned in the thread. The other forum has a policy that you can't mention other seller's names. I spoke to D. through PMs and that is how I found out who the seller was plus there were enough clues in the thread for someone who is familiar with C.H. to know who D. was talking about.

    Too make a long story short anyone who posted in that thread about CH on the other forum who also had a CH forum membership had their CH forum membership banned. Luckily for D the owner of the other forum, who is a sweetheart and sells real and powerful items, helped D free of charge. D reported that everything was back to normal. I never had an opinion of CH one way or another before that as I had never bought anything from them. I was upset that a child was hurt as I have a daughter.

    The spies came to the thread about CH and tried to make it sound like D was lying. We know D was telling the truth as the owner of the forum posted on the thread that the spirits she received were negative and that D was telling the truth.

    What was so ironic about whole thing is CH is always saying you shouldn't buy Demons as they are negative and they will destroy you and here one of CH's spirits which wasn't a Demon almost destroyed the life of D. I own lots of Demons and have for years and have never had a problem.

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