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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Magnolia is the most deceitful woman I have ever come across. She literally scares her followers right into her trap. Magnolia claims she removed the sellers names from her forum who caused trouble for her. Believe me its the other way around. Creepyhollows and her followers have bad mouth and ridiculed sellers she couldn’t control and who wouldn’t conform to her crazy take on the paranormal. She uses fictitious names for pretend buyers when its really her and badmouths sellers she doesn’t like. She is attempting to revive the UAMD and all the nasty trouble makers who together with Magnolia started the whole fiasco. She sends out e-mails and ebay messages changing the name on the sender header and inserting the names of sellers she doesn’t like and filling the body with things she writes herself so everyone will believe she’s the one being bullied. She tries to control the paranormal giving names to spirits, bogus information, and info she copies from other web sites and books. Some of the information is right but some is questionable. You can’t box the paranormal into neat little titles. The paranormal has been around for eons and doesn’t fit tightly in any description. Buyers should go to their local libraries for free knowledge and bookstores have al kinds of information with many different points of view. Magnolia makes life miserable for some sellers and claims its the other way around. Magnolia should follow Dee Dee’s example. Dee Dee doesn’t claim to know everything and doesn’t bad mouth sellers who don’t associate with her. Creepyhollows has caused her own problems and will continue to do so as long as she stirs the pot. Magnolia has an excuse for everything including the fact that she denounced djinn claiming they were dangerous and advising everyone not to buy them . The buyers remember. She claimed Ash and her would never sell djinn. She wanted the buyers to buy her blue dragons instead. She claimed to be the first to sell this and the first to sell that. Her claims are false. There were sellers who sold the stuff before her. She has literally chased some sellers away who were here before her. The groupies gave her the power to do it and she ran with it. There are many sellers who don’t want anything to do with her but are afraid of what she’ll do if they don’t oblige. They have seen what she’s done to other sellers and they don’t want to risk it. Creepyhollows is really creepy but not in the way you think. Magnolia is creepy because she has no conscious and doesn’t care who she hurts. Real paranormal sites don’t want anything to do with her and know she’s full of herself and hasn’t a clue what the definition of paranormal really means. Magnolia if you don’t like what you are reading you can put a stop to it by leaving the sellers you don’t like alone. One of Magnolia’s tall tales is claiming to know the IP addresses. Not one webmaster has ever given out the information to Magnolia. Ask the webmaster directly and find out just how deceitful Magnolia can be. Don’t just take Magnolia’s word for it . She’d say anything. Posters have the right to defend themselves against Magnolia’s underhanded defamation. She’d like to think that she controls everything and unfortunately some of her followers believe it. Magnolia claims to know IP addresses to keep everyone quiet and fearful to speak out. That dark vault Magnolia mentioned where she claims she put sellers she doesn't like because they harassed her is wide open by the truth. Magnolia has always been the instigator behind the madness and has harassed many sellers. Magnolia don’t bother to threaten me. Your threats are as bogus as you are and I’m not writing anything worse than what you have written about others. Turnaround is a fair game. Go and take a couple of lessons from Dee Dee on how not to piss everyone off. Magnolia just so you know what prompted me to write this is your accusations that I’ve been posting all over the internet which is hogwash. Magnolia if you were the great psychic you claim to be you’d have a more perspective eye. Since you insist on accusing me for the inferior written posts I suppose to have posted I will write some just for you. You shouldn’t have been so quick to accuse me but since you have let me address your accusations properly. Sellers and buyers you should know she has private pages for her group of sellers and buyers and when you go to her site half of what she says isn’t shown unless you are in her clique by invitation only. You might see your name and the stuff posted seems harmless enough but in her private sections your names pop up and the stuff she writes about you isn’t good. She is your illusional friend and that's what she wants you to think so she can destroy your name without you even knowing why. Trust me its happen to me and unless you are close to her it will happen to you. Sellers if you really don’t like Magnolia’s tactics don’t be afraid to break loose from her. She doesn’t have the power to hurt you and by staying with her out of fear of what she’ll do you give her power. Don’t let her blame other sellers for everything she herself has done. Think back and never forget what she’s capable of doing.

Ripped off is the right web site for my complaint because no matter how many times Magnolia and her minions throw me under the bus they always copy my descriptions and style of writing. They claim they are the sellers being copied because they ripped off my reputation and think that nobody looks at my auctions. So lets recap.

Magnolia wants everyone to feel sorry for her and puts the sellers who she doesn’t like email and name in the header ( copy and paste) in messages and emails so that she
can maliciously target the seller and get sympathy votes in the process. She fills the body with her own writing and has done so on numerous occasions.

Magnolia uses pretend posters on her forum and even pretend locations so it gives the illusion that this one knows that one and that one knows that one.

The UAMD are trying to make a comeback and are up to their old tricks. Yes, Wintermournings I heard all about it after a new buyer wrote me a thank you email to me and than proceeded to never come back.She finally told me why. Sellers when you lose buyers and something feel something is amiss check out the feedback . The same sellers are targeting you too.

Magnolia copies from sellers and turns around claiming everyone copied from her. Magnolia the turbo thingy doesn’t work because not all sellers have a mass of items and have never used turbo. Leave it to you to figure that one out and use it for your advantage.

Magnolia is so delusional that she writes negative posts all over the internet about herself so she can get others to think its somebody else posted and feel sorry for her. I can’t count the number of times I have read posts that have a certain style but beware because Magnolia gets off on writing stuff about herself. She loves sympathy sales.

Magnolia has a separate private web page and sellers who think they are safe are being victimized.

Webmasters have never shared the IP addresses with Magnolia. She doesn’t have that kind of power. Magnolia just wants you to think she does. Ask the webmasters directly.

Magnolia doesn’t have lawyers working for her and if she did its not against the law to write. She posts whatever she pleases and always has a double standard. I could care less about Magnolia’s threats. They are meaningless.

The most important recap is to know that Magnolia and the UAMD started this mess and the blame lays solely on them. Everyone has a right to speak out against the violators when their names are being dragged through the mud. Dee Dee if you are reading this don’t involve yourself. With the exception of two UAMD members my beef has been with the UAMD and Creepyhollows from the get go. They are the ones that wrote emails and posts about certain sellers who wouldn’t conform. Regardless of what Magnolia and the remaining UAMD members tell you I have nothing against anyone except for them and with good reason too. Magnolia I don’t like your tactics and its about time that you were exposed for the deceitful seller you really are. This applies to the UAMD members too. The UAMD are directly responsible back in the day for privately emailing sellers and discouraging them from buying from certain sellers. They merged with creepyhollows and caused chaos for everyone. Many original sellers left because of them and some remaining ones never recovered.

Now lets address another reason why I’m posting this. For the last several months I have been receiving emails telling me that a group of new sellers are circulating a bad seller list and that my name is on it. Out of the blue this week I received an email from someone at creepyhollows asking me if I wanted to update my user name because I had changed it and it wasn’t showing. I went to look it up and that part was true. It hadn’t been updated. I send an ebay message giving permission to change it. I received a message that came from creepyhollows but the person claimed her name was Princess working on behalf of creepyhollows. She said in order to update my name I’d have to give out some personal information on her website. Right there I knew I had once again been duped by creepyhollows. Upon further investigating and unknown to me creepyhollows has been dragging my name through the mud for a long time now. Here I thought everything had settled down. Well, I should have known better and to you princess I say you and Magnolia have been busted. I’m sure princess is really Magnolia but she wrote as if she was a third person. So there you have it. Magnolia has never stopped. Shame on you and all your minions.

Magnolia thinks she’s been appointed the reigning queen of Ebay metaphysical overseeing all the sellers in the paranormal category. Since she enjoys insulting sellers and what they sell why doesn’t she just leave Ebay and attend to her own web site. Instead she puts the fear in each seller because they are afraid with good reason that they’ll be unjustly scrutinized on her forum and private section reserved for her associate sellers and top customers. If that’s not bullying I don’t know what is. Many remember when Magnolia went all sour on Ebay and threatened to boycott Ebay. The hard cold truth is Magnolia got caught copying off a gaming site and copied word to word. Ebay suspended her selling rights and she stirred up big time trouble. However, the minute her suspension was lifted she popped right back up on Ebay. She was brutal about ebay because they caught her red handed and Magnolia becomes crazy when somebody calls her out. She can’t handle being criticized but doesn’t seem to have a problem dishing it out. By the way if you put any of her words or phrases from her dictionary or encyclopedia in the googles search engine its likely you’ll find where she copied the information from. She likes taking credit for everything even though 90% of the time the credit doesn’t go to her. Magnolia is trying to bring down the ebay paranormal category and has attempted to raise suspicious about ebay security. Now why would she do this. Come on everyone isn’t the reason obvious. Magnolia is a business woman and her goal is to wipe out ebay paranormal category and make it her own on her web site. She dreams about a Creepyhollows auction site and she wants it all for herself. Everything she tells you is for her own benefit and unfortunately she doesn’t care who she throws under the bus to get there. There’s nothing wrong with ebay’s metaphysical section. Ebay keeps a tight secured environment and your information stays private. Do you really want your social security number and other pertinent information to land in Magnolia’s lap. Step up everyone and take back Ebay’s very special section without being fearful of Magnolia’s devious deception. Many sellers feel the same way I do and with good reason. However, they don’t want to ruffle Magnolia’s feathers because she has malice control and a hold that stifles everything the paranormal represents.

When I sold my first item in Ebay’s paranormal category there were only eight sellers and none of them included creepyhollows or the UAMD. Everyone got along and weren’t looking over their shoulders to see what another seller was doing. Along came the UAMD and hence the bad mouthing began with the emails warning buyers about sellers. The sellers they warned against were good sellers who although invited refused to join the UAMD. In fact even Magnolia minded her own business at one time until she got mixed up with the UAMD and got involved in their dirty work. Magnolia didn’t like them at first but she was afraid her first web site would fail if she didn’t welcome them aboard. Now she’s using the same selling technique. Let me tel you about the old UAMD. One of their sellers was originally a buyer and purchased more than three times from me. She emailed me and sent me a picture of her and her son with a bunch of supposed orbs floating around. She said she had a fairy garden in Florida and asked me if I would help her put up her first item. I directed her to Ebay’s tutorial and she learned how. She later became a member of the UAMD and spread the rumor that she purchased from me and some of the other sellers to see if the items were authenticated and started bad mouthing me to my buyers. She later opened a new ebay account. Seems I wasn’t the only one she rubbed the wrong way and she didn’t want anyone to read her feedback that proved she originally bought from many different paranormal sellers. Its a darn shame what happened to Ebay’s paranormal section and a lot of blame has circled around but everyone knows that the UAMD and later Magnolia started the whole thing. Now she can’t help herself getting into everyone’s business .I thought she had calmed down but she enlisted Wintermournings help and over the course of a year that little wrench emailed many of my first time buyers warning them not to purchase from me again. She’s a trouble maker in capital letters. I don’t like Wintermournings selling habits. She’s been suspended from ebay for shill bidding more than one time. Did you know that every time Wintermournings or Creepyhollows warns you about another seller they are in fact hinting that you are stupid and incapable of making up your own mind. Wintermournings was a member of the UAMD and we all know that bad mouthing was part of the requirement to join. There were only two nice UAMD members who were more of less fanagled into joining. When I spoke out against them on my Ebay page they told everyone I was giving out negative energy. Can you believe that? They had a way of turning the tables to make themselves look good. There I was letting everyone know right out in the open on Ebay and they were secretly back stabbing sellers the whole time. Well Wintermournings heed this. I have an email from one of the new first time buyers who came to me and its all about what you said about me. She purchased from you after purchasing from me and received an ear full of your vicious lies. If you stir up any more trouble for me I’ll have no problem sending it to Ebay. To date I know you have made comments about many sellers. One was a very special seller who sold haunted dolls. She was here before you and you taunted her. After she faded out of Ebay you started selling haunted dolls. No surprise there. That's who you are. There are other sellers you had badmouthed too. Oh there is so much more I could tell but for now I’ll leave it up to the two of you to put an end to your harassment. I’m going to feature all this information on Ebay for everyone to read if you don’t stop harassing me and many of the other true original sellers. Yea, that's right. They aren’t the original sellers. There were about fourteen sellers before they arrived on Ebay and some of the names never made magnolia’s list of sellers. She swept them right under the rug. I think its rather funny that they actually thought I’d let them get away with the turmoil they have caused me this year. I overlooked their past years abuses but this year was suppose to be a turning point and a peace for everyone. They just couldn’t help themselves attempting to blame me for all their wrong doings. As for me you can’t take me down because i have the truth on my side and I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been quiet about what was going on for so long and if your malicious ways continue you’ll see everything featured on ebay. Tis tis its all out there now. The ball is in your corner. Choose wisely.

Oh and one more thing. Don’t you find it peculiar that Magnolia trashes sellers she can’t control claiming they are spying on other sellers and yet she’s the one with the list of metaphysical sellers, when they started, and picks apart what they are selling. She goes on and on giving dates and discussing each items in detail. Really Magnolia its none of your business what the sellers in Ebay paranormal category are selling and whom the buyers are buying from.

Some sellers have claimed over the years that they are writing a book or will be featured on a upcoming TV show. To date nobody has seen a book or anyone on TV. Magnolia claims she's been asked to be featured on TV paranormal. If you want proof that she's pipe dreaming go to
and ask if Magnolia is scheduled on any upcoming shows. While you are at the site take a look around. These are reputable TV producers with lots of valuable information about the paranormal and upcoming shows. Be leery of sellers who claim to be writing a book or claim they will be on TV.

Creepyhollows and the UAMD latest acts of deception is secretly starting rumors about a seller and than posting on their site how they feel sorry for the person. How low can they go. They use the double edge sword causing friction and spreading rumors about the seller and than hiding under the sentence I feel bad for the seller so and so. I use the words UAMD because although they no longer go by that name they have joined Magnolia’s pit of deception. Magnolia and the UAMD talk about peace and all the while they continue to bad mouth sellers using different techniques to divert the responsibility. Isn’t that right Wintermournins? Remember my dear I still have the evidence this year that you went behind my back to contact my first time buyers who also purchased from you. The course of action always leads back to Creepyhollows and the UAMD and I honestly believe most of the buyers and sellers know they are directly responsible for every underhanded action. Creepyhollow and her alliance of washed out UAMD members will blame anyone they can as long as their hands don’t get dirty. Everyone can see right through the sentence has anyone purchased from such and such seller. Smart people know its Magnolia and than she responds under different names. After all she controls everything on the creepy hollows site. They should write a book titled 101 Seller Deceptions Me, Myself, and I . They have thrown plenty of blame my way and its all because I refused to be controlled by a tacky group of sellers who play mind games. Half the members have had it out with Magnolia big time and she’s so afraid of the fall out that she quickly shifts the blame and smoothes thing out in a web of lies so they see it her way and later pop up as loyal members. They are so afraid of what Magnolia and her group will do that they join out of fear that they too will be targeted. Way to go Magnolia. You should feel so proud. You get points for getting some sellers who couldn’t stand you to come join the creepyhollows pit of deception. Those who you can’t control are used as targets for everything that went wrong. What goes around comes around and I’m just getting started. You convinced many people I was responsible for all that you and the UAMD have done and figured I’d stay quiet. Well my dear if you want to blame me for every inferior post out there let me show you the difference between well written and a copycat post. I think you wrote the recent 2008, 2009, and 2010 posts that had a similarity to a certain style of writing but unlike yours are far superior. Why would you do it? You did it so you could tell everyone I told you so and play the victim. Creepyhollows is always playing the poor me game. Now readers will recognize the difference. I have always had the truth on my side and when it goes up against your deception of lies we’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out. Buyers and sellers will eventually figure it all out no matter how much you try to shift the blame. Oh and by the way not one of them were the original sellers. The original sellers got along and didn’t stir up trouble. The trouble started with UAMD and later Creepyhollows.

Do you want a library of online information and many genuine posting forums. The information is free and you can say what you want without Magnolia and her spasm group members removing it. You should visit :

I have received confirmation from ebay that I can add this information on Ebay. Whether I do or not remains to be seen. Like I said I have the truth on my side and even Ebay knows it.

Jun 23, 2010 9:10 am EDT

Creepy Hollows Magnolia bullies and harasses those she can't control because they wouldn't come aboard her lets bully sellers forum. She started rumors and tried her darn hardest to ruin reputations. She has her peons contacting buyers and filling their heads with nasty rumors about perfectly good sellers. Now the question remains should I just go ahead and include everything on Ebay? It depends on Magnolia and what she wants to stir up next.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Salt Lake City, US
Jul 09, 2011 1:16 am EDT

The FBI was originally alerted on the Haunted Curiosities web site in mid to late 2009. The charges were severe and included many different things having nothing to do with 'paranormal items' for sale. The names of several people from the Creepy Hollows site came up but they were under lesser scrutiny than those owning the Haunted Curiosities site. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will investigate EVERYBODY who they feel may be involved in that which is being investigated. Since the alleged proprietor of Haunted Curiosities was also a member of Creepy Hollows at the time the investigation began than CH will, unfortunately, remain under scrutiny until the Bureau is satisfied with the outcome of it's investigation. This is whether it be to exonerate certain individuals or to arrest them and take them in to custody. Investigations by the FBI can literally take years to complete so this may still be very much in the 'open' investigation stages.

New York, US
Feb 14, 2011 6:40 pm EST

The FBI in Syracuse, New York has flagged Creepy Hollows and Magnolia West. An official report has been filed and she’s in the system now.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office has been informed and they are watching her carefully. A report has also been filed with the Chief of Police in Canastota, New York.

Magnolia is a SOCIOPATH and a TYRANT. She thrives on Mob Psychology.

Magnolia thinks she’s above the law. She’s broken so many rules. She’s harassed, intimidated and defamed so many sellers and collectors. She uses the excuses of freedom of speech while breaking the law. She thinks she can get away with anything because she’s in paranormal.

Well, now the authorities are taking action. An overwhelming amount of evidence has been gathered and continues to be collected.

Here are some examples of what Magnolia does.

Magnolia harasses and intimidates other sellers and collectors outside of CH forum. Then she runs back to CH forum and posts a carefully composed thread that is a LIE. She twists the truth to make it look like she’s the victim.

She does this to gather her CH MOB and brainwash them. Whatever Magnolia says in that forum, everyone believes – even if it’s a LIE.

That’s why there’s a public and private section in CH forum. She posts a Public thread INTENTIONALLY so you and others can see. Then she posts in the private section that only her followers can see. This is where she twists the truth even further and exaggerates her victim acting.

If you go in CH forum to correct the Lie she posted, then you will be attacked by the mob. This gives Magnolia more reason to prove her point (which is the LIE) and then ban you.

Magnolia promotes and enables a MOB MENTALITY within CH – especially in the forum.

She sends her followers to do her dirty work so her hands remain clean. Scientific terms for this are Mob Boss, Tyrant, and Cult Leader.

Magnolia has certain “favorite followers” in CH. They are BULLIES who bully and harass other members publicly in the forum. She posts rules and brags about reprimanding, but it’s all an act. She won’t do anything. Her “favorites” can get away with murder and she will even reward them.

She brags that her forum has over a thousand members. The truth is half of those people aren’t there anymore! They either left on their own, or she harassed them into leaving.

Magnolia loves to BRAG about how she’s “better” than other sellers. She encourages CH members to bad mouth other sellers and collectors – even if they’ve never bought anything from that seller.

If you’re not part of the CH Cult, then you are considered their enemy. Magnolia and her followers will use every means to ruin you.

Magnolia is a HYPOCRIT. She says she believes in freedom of speech, but she doesn’t like it when people speak the truth about her and CH.

She has moles planted in every single paranormal site on the internet. She has them post lies and bad reviews about other sellers. At the same time, they are posting about Magnolia like she’s a GOD.

Magnolia also collects names of people she thinks are sellers. We contacted people on that list. Some of them aren’t even sellers and some aren’t even into paranormal. Magnolia is placing innocent people on that list.

Magnolia is a typical example of a SOCIOPATHIC TYRANT. As history shows, Tyrants always fall down hard on their face. And most of them end up in JAIL!

If you’ve been harassed by Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows (past or present) - - -

· Save all email and correspondence from Magnolia and her followers. They are admissible in court and they can be traced back to her.
· Contact your local FBI office. File an Official Report and confirm that it’s in the system. Leave it up to the FBI. They have Magnolia flagged and they will handle it from there. The FBI shares a national database and all the offices will be able to see all reports filed against Magnolia West and Creepy Hollows. Here’s the link to find the office nearest you. -
· You can contact the FBI in Syracuse, New York directly. [protected] Or, go thru the Albany, New York office [protected] and ask to be transferred to the Syracuse field office.
· Contact your Local Police Dept. File an Official Report with them as well. The FBI has access to all law enforcement databases.

DO NOT BE AFRAID of Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows. She will get what she deserves. After all the evidence are presented by the State of New York, she will go to JAIL!

New York, US
Nov 24, 2010 5:43 pm EST


Call the Canastota Police Dept and file a formal complaint. It's ok if you're out of state. File an complaint over the phone.
Magnolia will go to jail for harassing and intimidating other sellers/collectors.

New York, US
Nov 11, 2010 6:54 am EST

Magnolia uses Dirty Tactics to intimidate and harass so many people. We spoke to the Better Business Bureau of New York and they confirmed what she’s doing is Dirty.

The power of 10-fold applies to Magnolia and all CH followers. We can smell your Evil Stench thousands of miles away. Your Darkness and your dark spirits cannot get through. All your attempts of negativity and dark spirits will be thwarted.

And you will answer to a Higher Being who will strike you with the Lightning of Justice.

New York, US
Nov 11, 2010 6:51 am EST

Magnolia is a BLACK WITCH pretending to be white light. And her head is so far up her a-s-s that she’s drowning in her own Black Sh-it.

Magnolia is the GOSSIP QUEEN and HYPOCRIT. She creates gossip about anyone that isn’t part of the CH mob. She twists the truth and posts a carefully worded thread in CH forum to make herself look like the victim. The people she slandered sees her posts but it's a trap to get them to go in the forum and be ambushed by the CH mob.

CH thrives on a mob mentality. If you’re not a member of CH or if you don’t do what Magnolia says, then they will slander you in and outside their forum.

Magnolia has moles planted in every single forum on the internet. Everyone knows she’s a Control Freak and she wants to dig her evil claws into other people’s business.

She has a list of sellers so she can keep track of anyone that’s a threat to her. One of them isn’t even a seller but somehow she ended up on the list. That shows you how Evil she really is.

Magnolia is a NARCISSIST who repeatedly posts how she’s better than other sellers. All the rules she posts is just an act to make herself look good. Even the original members don’t read them, much less follow them.

Magnolia has “Favorite Members” and they get away with crap and bullying. She enjoys it when forum members talk bad about other collectors and sellers.

WWAlex = Wiccan Warrior Alex. That’s one of her main followers. There are others and I’m sure Magnolia will rally them up and post in here too.

When someone stands up for themselves in the forum, she takes the side of the Bully and posts a lame remark like “Let it be (from John Lennon). People end up leaving rather than be ambushed by the CH mob.

Thousands of White Light beings are aware of Magnolia and her many followers. They are watching them very carefully. They know what she and her followers do. Many of their attempts to hurt innocent people have been thwarted.

Stop insulting God by acting like you’re bigger than him. That guarantees you a permanent place into the Deepest Pits of Hell. You brag that you believe in Jesus, but then you send negativity and dark spirits to other people.

The Lightning of Universal Justice has been aimed at you for a long time now. It will strike when you least expect it. People will know your true face and it’s UGLY!

Even Ash will wake up from that spell you cast on him. He’ll see your true face and he will leave you.

In the end you’ll have no on to blame but yourself.

, US
Jul 20, 2010 6:28 am EDT

To the poster of original post you say you have the truth on your side and on numerous sites have mentioned your location as Massachusetts. With the help of this very nice Webmaster I have proof that you aren’t honest. The Webmaster of this site has confirmed that not a single one of these posts that targeted Magnolia have a Massachusetts IP address. People aren’t stupid and can ask themselves disproving your location. The IP address isn’t in a state that’s even close to Massachusetts. I want to thank the Webmaster and please know this was verified because once again everyone is pointing accusing fingers in my direction. This is why I took the time to find out the truth. Since the post on ripped off has the identical garbage on the site and posts the location as Massachusetts we can guess who’s responsible?

, US
Jul 18, 2010 3:47 pm EDT

You can't believe a word of anything you read on these sites. The cowardly poster went to great lengths to try to get another seller in trouble even setting up a fake ebay name and getting information to write this childish post. The poster doesn't live in MA and I should know because the person the poster is pretending to be is me. She conveniently used MA as her location.We all know you don't live in MA. Judging by the information I've read here she has been a long time buyer turn seller. I encourage everyone to contact the person in charge of this internet and have the information removed. To the poster move on because nobody is believing anything you say and things have been great and peaceful for everyone for over a year now. I sent your messages to ebay and I'm glad to see you are no longer registered. Watch out for messages that seem helpful and don't answer back. You put a lot of time and effort into watching and copying what I added on my templates. You made one big mistake. It wasn't directed at Magnolia and I add the information on my template for people like you. The UAMD was years ago and every seller has the right to offer their magic in peace. Love and Peace

Lake Havasu City, US
Jun 25, 2010 9:54 pm EDT

Creepy Hollows is the largest seller of the paranormal in the USA. They've been a trendsetter and have really gone the distance to get good information out to the metaphysical community. Their store has some of the best prices on the web for authentic items. I've never known Magnolia or Ash to bad mouth anyone. They have generously allowed other sellers to advertise on their site. They have a forum that is a source of good, sound information. There are many, many members. We are no small community, we are a very diverse group consisting of everyone from the newbie to the accomplished metaphysican, to respected practitioners.

Creepy Hollows started the Practitioners for Peace movement.

People who post on anonymous complaint sites have an agenda. Complaint poster, I read a lot of hostility and anger in your post. I suppose when you're number one, there is always going to be someone who wants to tear you down in order to build themselves up.

Anyone interested should visit the website and see for themselves.

I have been a member since the early days, like Hatshpset. I have made many dear friends on the forum. Real people, who have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn and grow together.


Wiccan Warrior Alex

Mays Landing, US
Jun 25, 2010 3:50 pm EDT

as a member of the creepyhollows' forum since 2007/2008 i have never once read anything from either magnolia or ash telling anyone not to purchase from any particular seller. in fact, during 2009 magnolia was behind the recent "practitioners for peace" meaning every seller/buyer in the metaphysical community signing up and using the pfp badge would not at any point in time say anything bad publically about any seller in our community.

at this point i do not think ch has anything more to prove to anyone and i can see how new sellers might think it would be nice to try to slander them a bit so their status might rise a bit. unfortunately it doesn't work that way and sellers become recognized by their items as well as their ethics. it is a pleasure to know magnolia and ash and i see them both as honorable, ethical practitioners who do not write about others yet others seem to feel the need to write slander about them. i suppose not all in our community want peace within it.

just my thoughts.

Canastota, US
Jun 24, 2010 6:37 pm EDT

So, if what you're saying is really true, then I actually wrote the complaint above? You allege I write complaints about my own company all over the internet (which is ridiculous), which means everything you are saying can't be true because I would have had to have written it myself. Already your complaint is off to a shaky start on credibility. I have a feeling I know which seller this is after re-reading the complaint and frankly I can't imagine the time wasted in writing this.

I don't have to slander or ruin anyone's reputation, we have an extremely successful website & business, if I wasted time doing half of what you've said above our site, community, & business wouldn't be a fraction of where it is today. Myself, Ash, and everyone at CH invests our time in doing the right thing; providing a safe community for those who want to practice the paranormal.

First, we were among the original metaphysical sellers in the category in 2005 and if you are who I believe you to be you didn't come into the category until a month or two after. I hope you realize that people can click on a seller's ID history & see when they registered.

Second, we were never members of the UAMD & the UAMD has been disbanded for at least 2 years, if not more. You should have your facts straight. DeeDee was also not a member of the UAMD. At the time the metaphysical category went from being around 20 sellers to hundreds of sellers in 2006. Some of the sellers decided to band together and they created the UAMD with varying members throughout their existence. We advertised for the UAMD on our website & our Elite Society of Paranormal Collectors website until the ESPC was merged into the forum on our website today.

Am I the reigning queen of the paranormal? No. But you are mistaken to think that the contributions of Creepy Hollows & the other sellers who paid their dues & have the scars to bear by anonymous rants on complaints boards like this one haven't contributed to sustaining the ongoing success & popularity of the paranormal & metaphysical websites. I know we, DeeDee, and several other sellers have taken a lot of slander, lies, rumors, & such from competitors like yourself who like to spread vicious lies to hurt what you perceive as your competition. I also know we, DeeDee, and several others have poured countless hours into building trust in the community as well as spending countless dollars on materials to educate the public, advertising to help bring a positive light to the community, and despite your & other competitors attempts to do these kinds of complaint sites all of us who have really worked for a living & dedicated ourselves to the paranormal have flourished in multiple ways.

There's never been a word that I've ever spoken about another seller that I didn't say to them myself & that I didn't post publicly with my name attached to it. I don't have to use complaint sites & use anonymous names to slander others. If I've ever had a problem with a seller I take it to them and if it goes down a path to be discussed publicly to set something straight it always has my name on it because I have integrity; if I'm going to say it, I'm going to say it with my name.

The New York Fantasy Gaming Society that never really existed was the brainchild of a competitor who figured out how to use eBay's VeRO department to get my listings taken from eBay as well as the listings of other long-standing sellers. We petitioned the US Copyright office & the New York State department and each provided sealed letters to eBay proving we had not copied anything & we've held the copyright to the content on our listings since 2005. So your facts are not straight, yet again. We received an apolgoy from eBay & they reinstated all of our listings & sent apology messages to our eBay clients who were bidding on or had bought those listings that were removed. It is all documented.

Anyone is welcome to Google phrases from our Encyclopedia, we own all the content on our site & we have content registered with the US Copyright office. This is how we proved we didn't copy from any gaming site or anywhere else. You really should know what you are talking about before you say something.

We've never circulated emails about sellers, we don't need to. We allow sellers to advertise on our site in multiple places including a free marketplace. Anyone can register for free at any time and the only times sellers have been asked to leave is when they violate rules multiple times or threaten a client and in either case we always have ironclad proof.

Proof, is what anonymous complaints like this one is lacking. Anything we've ever said is on our site for the world to see. If something is said about a seller on our forum is by someone who has actually bought from the seller. We have more than 1, 000 members in the forum, the majority of them are collectors who buy from eBay & websites and share their experiences. However, unlike most websites we actually allow the sellers to come into the forum & respond directly to the collectors.

As for the IP addresses of webmasters, yes, we do have the emails from the webmasters who verified it was the same IP address pretending to be multiple people posting over & over. We know the seller who was doing that, don't we? As for lawyers, yes there was a lawyer involved in the internet stalking & harassment as well as the Syracuse FBI when the seller started to solicit our home address & personal information for cash, as well as making threats on complaint boards like this & directly to our email.

I don't have to prove that we are "spied" on. It's rather obvious considering a great number of the bindings we've created are re-created by others, which is okay because that is what commerce is. Our website is heavily trafficked by collectors, visitors, curiosity-seekers, and obviously yourself. I am sorry if the fact that we created the world's first Spirit Keeping website is somehow offensive to you. We're very proud of our accomplishments & we've worked VERY hard to achieve them. If you put the energy into your own work rather than inventing complaints like this perhaps you would find it a better application of your energy.

Anyone is welcome to visit our site, look into it themselves, research our eBay history, compare it to other eBay sellers, see in the forum when we announced the creation or invention of different enchanted bindings, and verify for themselves the entire chronology of Creepy Hollows & our contributions not only singularly, but the entire community of members who've all aspired to make Spirit Keeping & the paranormal an enjoyable place for all.

As for the UAMD or secret groups, etc, you sound paranoid. There aren't any groups we belong to other than our own site, and none of the other sellers you slander in this complaint are part of any secret group we know of.

I am responding to this under my own name because I don't believe in hiding if you really have an honest gripe. In fact, I think it is far more admirable to contact the person directly rather than behaving like this and avoiding an adult conversation by contacting myself or any of the other sellers you complain of here directly.

Posts like this only prove to the skeptics that the metaphysical & paranormal community is filled with people who are vicious, gossip-mongers, drama-queens, and those who cannot form a viable & intelligent argument to back their own beliefs. I answered this & your other complaints because I believe that there are far too many of us now who want to preserve the paranormal community for those who wish to practice in future & want to shed the stigma that the community is filled with people who would rather spread vile than love.

Our site & our work is testament to who we are as people & a community. It is the reason our site has grown & flourished despite rants like this on free, anonymous complaint sites. If ourselves or any of the others you've mentioned in this article were the monsters you try to make us sound to be the public would have caught on years ago. Instead people read things like this, check us out, see the lies in the complaint sites, and join the community for growth. The last I checked every seller you've slandered in here, including Dee & your attempts to make DeeDee look like a sympathizer to what you're doing, all have successful websites and/or practices.

I implore anyone reading this to check out these sellers and/or sites for yourself. None have bad reputations outside of the complaint sites like this one, because all of the anonymous complaints on here, RipOff, petitiononline, etc are all written by competitors & sellers who also frequently pose as "buyers" of the sellers they are defaming.

Paranormal Information Highway
, US
Jun 24, 2010 1:41 pm EDT

There's lots of information. Type the words paranormal dictionary or paranormal encyclopedia in the googles search engine. The information has been there for years and anyone can look it up. Check it out.