Credit Card, State Bank Of India (SBI)unwanted/un-expected charges due to mistakes by the state bank of india (sbi)

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How to earn from virtual zero?

How to earn rs 12000 by investing rs 2000 in a year?

Any one can answer these question?

No one case!! Only credit-cards service provider banks can answer these questions.

Like others, I am being penalised/harassed/teased by the credit card branch, state bank of india (Sbi).

How they are earning from their customers, here are few traps I got into:

1. Suppose your last date for the credit card bill payment if very near. There is no way to make the payment at the counter, the other options are:

- call their agents for cheque collection - there are some hidden charges or possibility is there that collection agent don't come with the time.

- drop cheque in drop box

A cheque can be defaced on both the options, which means that they got opportunity to charge for the same. First you will charge for non clearance of your cheque by your bank (For which cheque belongs to) due to cheque got defaced. Secondly you will charged for the late payment as it will take some time for you to know about, if your cheque has been cleared or not. And by the time you will issue a new cheque the due date will be exceeded.

The thing is sbi/ (Credit card agencies) can deface the cheque issued by you as there is not way to track the same. Another thing is that they never inform their customer (S) regarding the same and presenting the cheque to your bank. This is trap!! You can't escape.

Once this is done, there is another trap!! Earn from virtual zero :)

Now possibility is there that you will call to the customer care saying that this is not your fault. After having some argument they will accept the thing once and will assure you that they will reverse the charges for the same.

Now you will make the payment for the thing you were supposed to be. But trap!!
They are consider that (Late fee)/ (Cheque bounce) charges as a part of your payment that particular month. Thought they will reverse the charges as the committed, an interest will be charges in the next month statment.

The worst/silly fellow in sbi customer care is the ajay bharti as it needs lots of time to give him the understanding about the wong thing they have done.

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    my name is kalpesh shah. i want to inquiry about did u provide virtual card? my email id is [protected], please reply me

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