Crackle / unable to view the videos of comedians in cars posted on this site

unknown, US
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I have been able to watch Comedians in Cars until a month ago. I would open up an email with a single shot on it and the screen would go blank. I went to my bookmark for Crackle and I could no longer view any of the videos. I notified your company and they sent me an email asking questions; my Adobe Flash player is 23, I have the latest upgrade to Safari and I have fast speed internet. Yet, I still was not able to view “Cars.”
I let your technical support team know without response. I then sent a complaint yesterday. When I check “Cars” again later in the day, I could view the videos. Today, I opened an email from you with a single shot on it and it could not be viewed nor could anything on the “Cars” site.

Fix this please

Nov 10, 2016

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