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Crackle Complaints & Reviews

Crackle / freezing

ronnie78 on Aug 10, 2017
Lately the movies freeze and stay frozen. Its annoying and maddening. Plus the fact that one has to put up with the same over and over and over commercials.. It would seem to me that if Crackle wants more viewership, it would care about the problems that its viewers encounter and fix those...

Crackle / annoying automatic promos

tombrick on Aug 9, 2017
I am sick of that automatic promo when I get to the Crackle channel on the Roku- you know the one, with that annoying fanboy going on and on about how great Milo Ventimilia is. I just want to search for something to watch on this channel and don't need to hear his promo. Of course there'...

Crackle / service

James1966 on Apr 14, 2017
Snatch... I love crackle it's a great place to watch shows I've been watching snatch now for some reason I cannot watch the last four episodes downloads all commercials everything then it stops at the episode download I've tried to reinstall I've tried updates I've tried other roku's same...

Crackle / Will not resume free first commercial break

Zamora 2003 on Nov 11, 2016
This is the second time I have installed the cracks app... It will not resume playing either TV shows or movies after the first commercial break... I went through the trouble shooting ad reset my data storage, however that did not fix problems... After first commercial break a pop up...

Crackle / Unable to view the videos of comedians in cars posted on this site

Bernadette Nugent on Nov 10, 2016
I have been able to watch Comedians in Cars until a month ago. I would open up an email with a single shot on it and the screen would go blank. I went to my bookmark for Crackle and I could no longer view any of the videos. I notified your company and they sent me an email asking...

Crackle / Way too many commercials!!

Alex Corn on Oct 6, 2016
I loved Crackle and used it a lot in the past, but now there's too many commercials. It is absolutely impossible to watch anything, because of endless commercials! I thought there was something wrong with my PC, maybe virus or something like that, but then I went online and found all...

Crackle / Endless commercials!

Timo on Jan 26, 2016
Crackle is the worst website to watch anything! The content they have is actually good but the commercials are so intrusive and relentlessly repetitive that the viewing experience is a real nightmare! It is impossible to watch anything, because every 5 minutes there is a commercial. I...

Crackle.com / Don't waste your time

Someone99 on Dec 29, 2015
This website is ridiculous! It is impossible to watch anything on this site, because of endless commercial breaks. I tried to watch a movie, but every 10 minutes it was interrupted by a commercial! And every commercial lasted for about 5-7 minutes. There's nothing wrong with commercials at...

Crackle / Playing Porn in background

Tom85 on Jun 21, 2015
Crackle recently changed with background porn playing. This is absolutely disgusting when searching for content. They also ask a user to register with Facebook and then the user has no means of removing the personal information they have collected. The de-activate link does not show and thus not work either. Thus a few RED Flags to not use Crackle.

Crackle.com / All movies are paid

Nvyd on Oct 4, 2014
My friend advised me to watch movies through the website www.crackle.com. I was really disappointed in it, ‘coz it was mentioned that it was for free, but almost all movies were paid. The registration was for free, but they asked to provide card number. This website is scamming, so...

Crackle / adult ads (R-rated) during PG films

VividE on Feb 28, 2014
While watching a PG movie with kids, every 7-8 minute, there is an ad. Right before the ad, NBC airs an ad for Hanibal, showing a person preparing / cooking a human leg. R-rated. Scared the kids to death. In what world is this allowed ? Who thought it was a good idea to show an ad for an...

Crackle / I give this site 100,000 thumbs down

Korcer on Jan 18, 2013
I canceled cable tv because of too many advertisements and not enough choice on what they play and also they repeat the shows so often and mostly play old movies. I tried crackle.com and lo' and behold...advertisement forced on us every 7 or so minutes and they do not even break into...

Crackle / The movie app does not work properly

Aliure on Jan 7, 2013
The movie app does not work properly. the first 20 min of the movies works fine, then the advertising begins and goes into a continuous loop mode repeating ads over and over. so you watch the first 20 min of the video then its locked up in ads. I agree with most, this is a waste of time. 1-04-2013.

Crackle / Frequent, repetitive commercials + lousy selection

Asikene on Nov 26, 2012
When I first got my Roku I checked out Crackle and wasn't exactly impressed, but there were 4 or 5 TV shows and a handful of movies that were OK. I decided to go with it because it's free. I wasn't thrilled by the frequent Skittles commercials (they seem to be Crackle'...

Crackle / Too many of the same commercials and too many commercials

Robsan on Nov 22, 2012
Too many of the same commercials and too many commercials. They don't update the playlist often enough, too many (crappy) foreign films either poorly dubbed and or no sub-titling. This is speaking from the Crackle Xbox experience. Today they started showing a beer commercial. Beer...

Crackle / Stay away from this site

Loboriqe on Oct 22, 2012
Seemed okay at first, I would still rank NetFlix, RedBox, other sources of movies much higher. Ads are annoying. Sony owns this, why ads? Out of the blue, I am getting "Service cannot be accessed at this time because server replied invalid information" errors. This makes no sense and there...

Crackle / I have tried to watch movies and tv shows on crackle and it is so bad

Gebere on Jul 23, 2012
I have tried to watch movies and tv shows on crackle and it is so bad. I continue to try to use and and the video drops while the audio continues to play. The movie or show will start over or just stop. I have even had to delete the app and put it back on as it will just get stuck on a...

Crackle / The commercials are so frequent that the viewing experience is ruined

Hipone on Jun 15, 2012
Crackle doesn't have the best selection of movies, but there are enough that I WOULD use the service IF it weren't for the incessant commercials. I understand services like Crackle make money off advertisements, but don't the Crackle executives read reviews of their site?...

Crackle / Crackle has a commercial every 7-8 min

Bravone on May 16, 2011
We canceled our cable because of too many commercials. Crackle has a commercial every 7-8 min. Very irritating. I realize it is a free movie channel but you think they could spread out the commercials to every 20-30 min. There is absolutely no reason to have the same Crackle commercial so often. Not worth it... We will stick with Netflix!!

Crackle / This is a throw-back service and isn't worth your time

Woobla on Apr 13, 2011
I hate watching TV because of the commercials. I tried watching a movie on Crackle. The selection of movies was OK, the video quality fine, but the interruptions were just as annoying and intrusive as TV. I'd rather pay Netflix than watch this ... I tried it once ... and this is all I...

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