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Variety of westerns

I like Hopalong Cassidy (or at least his horse), but how about Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Sargeant Preston, etc? These all made many full length movies. How about series of Fury, Flicka and Rin Tin Tin. The only movies I don't get tired of are John Wayne, just wish ‘Hellfighters' was a western!

How about a John Wayne Channel to show all his movies, westerns, military, detective, and everything in between???

Movie with wrong description

Clicked on the movie "Hunger (2008)" on STARZPLAY to watch, as I enjoy biographies - after 10 minutes I wa...


I was searching for Scandal in amazon prime and Starz banner popped up and I received an email stating that I could watch Scandal on Starz, offer was £1 for 3 months then a fiver thereafter. I subscribed on 27.02.2020 and to my immediate disappointment, the programme I searched for eg Scandal was not available and I had to buy the Seasons. Starz has clearly misrepresented the product by LYING TO CUSTOMERS. Thankfully I took a screenshot of their lies and retain a copy of their email. Subscription will be ended and I hope no payment will be taken.



How dare you shrink the ending credits of the movies you air to where the information is unreadable! I just finished viewing "Stan and Ollie" and in the ending credits actual footage of the real Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy can be seen but is unwatchable due to the shrunken size of the images. Why do you do that? Instead of being able to appreciate seeing the real "Stan and Ollie" the viewer can watch coming attractions of "Outlander", a Starz ogiginal series. Big Deal! Boo! Shame on you, Starz programmers!

app on roku

So I've been charged for November and December for Starz app on my Roku TV. And when I go to the app on my Roku TV it says my account is lapsed and will not allow me to watch. This has been going on for a month now can u kindly contact me in regards to this? And I was literally just charged for December and it still isn't playing. My subscription is through Google play.

app on roku
app on roku


I have been charged for Starz but when I login to the app it says my subscription has lapsed and I need to...

employee survey operator

Good Morning:
I received a call yesterday from a stazsplay operator asking if I had a few minutes to complete a survey. (I had recently just cancelled my subscription) I was asked many many questions and some were duplicate. After sometime I asked how much longer this would take. Only to be informed only a couple of more questions. The questions again became lengthier. When I tried to stamp the call. She began bargaining and arguing with me to stay on the call. I have never dealt with such in professionalism from a survey company. I stopped the convention and disconnected the call. Only to then be called back again. I then blocked the number. Today, the same person called again, to finish the survey from another mobile number. I said I wasn't interested and cancelled the call. She then called back again. This is beyond harassment. Please see numbers I received yesterday: ‭+[protected]‬ at 17:30 (the few minute survey was over 15 mins when I disconnected the call)
Today number: ‭+[protected]‬
I'm not sure if the operator get paid on survey completion, if it is this needs to stop as they are harassing customers.
If this is not the case you need to speak to the operator right away.

subscription fraud?

I received email confirmation of my subscription cancellation yesterday, yet today at 3:20 pm Starz attempted to charge my card again for a monthly fee of $9.73. I have attempted to cancel before, and have also emailed requesting cancellation. I have also called and been hung up on while in the hold queue.
Please stop attempting to charge me for this subscription. I will resubscribe if and when there is a show I care to watch on your service.


I canceled my subscription and still was charged $9.99. I waited 2 hrs to finally speak to someone and was told they could do nothing about and would submit my issue to their team and it would take 4-6 WEEKS to investigate this problem! This is unacceptable and fraudulent and my card needs to be refunded the $9.99 ASAP! My email is [protected]

cancel subscription

I have tried to cancel my subscription at least 3 times . I followed the recorded directions when I called your number . It took me to the home page.
Please refund my 8.99 and cancel my subscription.
Catherine Forbes
If I don't see my refund and subs fiction cancelled shortly I will be contacting the BBB
I have tried several times to cancel I only wanted the 3 months at 5 dollars per month for 3 months
So I could watch Outlander which I have to tell you I really enjoyed it. I will be transcribing when season 5 comes out.
I am on a limited income and can't afford the 8.99 a month for shows I will not be watching
I have watched Outlander many times
Please end my subscription and refund my 8.99

online access to starz not working 3 weeks now, still being charged

my STARZ movie account is not letting me login or access. the page just SPINS and stays black(see attached) since the first week of SEPT ... you are TAKING ALOT OF MY TIME to keep following up and sending these complaints, calling your c/s # leaving messages waiting on hold for an hour to not get a real person ... I will be canceling if i could but i cant get into the account to CANCEL since you C/S is so badly run.
Three weeks now ... PLEASE have someone return my calls or emails !!!
R Hughes

online access to starz not working 3 weeks now, still being charged

starz subscription - scam

I don't remember signing up for a "free trial" of STARZ. I have been paying a monthly fee of $8.99 for a...

7-day "free" trial scam

When I sign up for a free trial I always put a reminder in my calendar to cancel 1-2 days before, so 2 days before my trial ended I looked everywhere for a cancel/unsub section and could not find it so I emailed starz help and never actually got help, just a reply email saying they would contact me and they never did! Called the number and was put on hold for 20 mins. After 3 emails with no actual help, being put on hold and having to google many "how to cancel starz" i finally got it cancelled but not before they took 8.99 from my acct. I am very upset because I requested help days before my trial period was over and was ignored!! I feel this is a scam and that Starz purposefully makes it very difficult to unsubscribe and thats how they practically steal your $. BBB should investigate!!

7-day "free" trial scam

starz western channel

Since the last two months we have seen the same Western programs that cycle each day. From morning to evening for the past six or 8 weeks starting from May 2019 are the same shows/movies.
Sometimes we see the same movie later in the day. This just recently started as mentioned about two months ago. The same shows/movies are repeated every single day.
Before this we had more variety of shows ie movies each day of the week.

What can be done?
Thank you.

starz movie service

I subscribed to Starz specifically to watch session 3 and 4 of Outlander. It is common to have to load and reload and reload Starz 12-15 times before successfully getting to watch a show, only to be dropped again between episodes.

Just to compare, Ive successfully been able to pull up Netflix, Hulu and. Prime Video.

Im absolutely disgusted with Starz and will tell everyone with two ears on their head to listen and two eyes on their face to read!

subscription to starz

I recently had two accounts with starz. I was under the impression that they were both cancelled. I cancelled them. This was in January. For some odd reason when I check my bank account I realize that every month since January I have been charged for one of the subscriptions. When I called to cancel and get a refund I was told this was my fault and they were not going to provide me a refund. Although there is no activity on the account, they still won't refund my money. I am filing a complaint with the BBB, because this is ridiculous and very unprofessional. All I want is my money back.

starz subscription

I guess someone signed me up for a starz subscription after my phone was stolen. I had been the victim of I.d. theft during this tine in June 10, 2018. I called and tried to get a refund from starz at that time. I lost track of all the purchases and I know I did try to get refunded several times for this through Google play and starz. Google play wanted me to get the refund through starz and vice versa
Alls I know ids tgat i was charged 8.99 and I want the money back. Please let's resolve this issue. I don't think I should eat this bill just because it's been so long. I tried to get refund back then. And. Yet again another attempt to get refunded as I am aproaching the 3rd or 4th time asking for starz or Google to please refund this charge to my bank account.

Terri Zimmerman
June 1, 2018

I hate the commercials during and 10 seconds after the movie is over

Whomever is in charge of thrusting in commercials of your Starz movies and series (Vida!, White Princess, Spanish Prince, etc. and ad nauseum!!!) needs to give your subscribers a rest!!!
FIRST during a movie you all have your ads for 'Vida' or whatever - shown while the movie is running SEVERAL TIMES taking away from the cinematic value of the movie!!
SECOND - WHY when after the movie you miniturize the credits of the movie DENYING us the pleasure of seeing what actor was playing our favorite charecters!! WHY?!?!
Usually when you all run Vida, MULTI Princes and other Starz productions - I dig in my heals and make 100% sure I change the channel and NEVER WATCH THAT SHOW!!
You all have plenty, plenty of time between movies are events to 'highlight' your Starz programming.

trial subscription and lack of customer care

I tired to cancel my subscription multiple times and received only automated responses from [protected] I was charged twice after trying to cancel. There is no clear way to cancel the service. One place says Google the other says Amazon. I explained before I was charged that there was no place to cancel and still no help from [protected] I will be submitting this to the BBB because a ep at Starz refused to transfer me and hung up instead. I want my money because at this point its stealing.

movie channels

I subscribed to a seven day free trial and cancelled the subscription right after, well, STARZ charged my card anyway, and when I called, they claim they didn't see where they had billed me and maybe it was APPLE that had charged my card. I called them back once the charge cleared and spoke with Catherine, (service rep) who was rude and literally talking over me while i was talking. I explained to her that I had listened to her and I would appreciate if she not cut me off, and that I would like to speak with her manager, and she put me on eternal hold.
I will NEVER subscribe to them and will make sure that everyone that I know be informed about their services.