CPS Consumer Porfolio Services / Harrassment

AZ, United States

I have been harrassed by phone call after phone call by CPS! They call my husbands work phone 5 to 6 time daily.. they call our cell phones 5 to 6 times daily after the first day our payment is late!! I understand I am responsible for making my payments on time but having some very hard finacial times right now.. I am tired of them calling an threating to take my truck just come and get it already I am so sick of all of this!! Today I tried to call them to request a copy of my title the guy put me on hold came back on and asked why I need it I told him that I needed it to file bankrupcty he put me back on hold, then came back on and said the scanner ate it?? It will now be 2 to 3 days for them to get a new one and fax it to me!! I think this is a stall tacktic to try and get me to pay them as much as possible before I file... I don't know what to think of them except don't ever use them!! No matter what walk ride the bus even a skateboard just DO NOT ever finance a car through this company!! Oh yes and they have given my information out to third parties SO illegal!!


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