Cox Communications / upgrading my service without my consent / rude customer service

I ordered my service online and selected my custom package I ordered 4 mini boxes and 1 contour cable box no DVR. Basic phone service and internet service. My package was 119$ and change plus additional tax, surcharge etc. When products were installed all the boxes were the same but I never saw mini boxes before so I trusted that is correct. I paid my bill which was over 293.00 before due date and it appeared like a bunch of installation, taxes increased and next month would be accurate. When I called in to complain about my internet being slow, and disconnecting I asked about my service and was informed I had the highest premier bundle package available. I would not do that, I couldn't afford that. The rep in the loyalty dept. was rude and my hold time was well over 2 hours all together. I was told that the mini boxes were not yet available in Nevada and that I was upgraded to what was available in my are. How can the be legal?????? I did not authorize that and the rep accommodated my needs by removing the 4 boxes and ordering 1 dvd for downstairs. I asked to be sent to billing for the credit I was overcharged for of 43$ and change for the upgraded boxes I DID NOT CONSENT TOO!!! After holding over 20 minutes was offered a $20 courtesy credit. NOOOOO that is unacceptable I did not authorize the upgrade. Horrible that Cox can get away with this. With the live streaming availability they should cherish the customers that do want there service before they are obsolete like Blockbuster Video!!!

Apr 04, 2016

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