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I was a customer of Cox communication for over 20 years. I moved from my property in Escondido, with Cox cable at that property for about 20 years, on a temporary basis to a condo in San Diego, with Cox cable in that property as well. I have been with a good standing with Cox for well over 20 years. in September of 2017 I move to my current residence in Rancho San Fe. Cox did not offer services at my house in Rancho Santa Fe, due to being a new neighborhood. I switched services to ATT/Direct TV at this time, due to Cox declining to provide services at my new residence. Cox sent me a bill for the hardware that was delivered to my condo at 321 10th Ave in San Diego. I returned all the hardware to their store in Escondido, and I have a receipt of that. I have been harassed by Cox and their collection agency multiple times. In multiple phone calls, spending hours, I have explained the situation for them. Cox has checked their database multiple times and agreed that all the equipment has been returned.
The following is a summary of my transactions and contacts with Cox, describing the issue;
1) On Oct 4th, 2017 the following equipment were returned.
 CSH424H, DTS1100, DTS 2500 and CSX022
2) On Oct 31st, due to Cox phone call, I spoke to Tina and she said all the equipment has been received and my balance is zero.
3) On September 8th, due to Cox phone call, I spoke to Ruth, Mellisa, and Nicole. Nicole being a manager confirmed that all the hardware has been received, started the paperwork to remove the charges on my account.
4) On November 14th, due to Cox phone call, I spoke to Ola in collection, I explained the issue to him, and asked him if I can speak to a manager. He told me there is no manager to talk to me, but he finally transferred me to Rick, who was supposed to be a manager, and after I explained the situation and informed Rick that if charges are not removed, I will fill a complaint with FCC and BBB. Then he hanged up on me.
5) On November 14th, since Rick hanged up on me, to complete my conversation, I called Cox again and spoke to Tammy. After I explained the situation and informed her that either she let me talk to a manager or I will fill a complaint with FCC and BBB she hanged up on me as well.
Based on data presented, I would like to file this complaint against Cox with FCC.
Mohammad Akahavain

Nov 14, 2017

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