Cox Communications / over the air wi fi

Phoenix, AZ, United States

At least once a week I have to reset my wifi because it drops the signal down to 5- 6 mb download speed when I am paying for 100 mb download speed. I contacted tec support and said that I would be charged 75.00 for a person to bring out and swap to a new unit. The person that I talked to on the phone said that they did see a signal issue on there end. Why should I have to pay for a defective piece of equipment. If you got a defective tire put on you car it would be replaced for free. I been having nothing but problems with cox cable. 2 months ago I got double billed, befor that I had another wifi that was only putting out 10-15 mb when at that time I was paying for 50mb download speed. I am now paying for a 100 mb wifi that is defective. I'm on a limited income and can not afford any more. I'm already paying about 155.00 a month for what I have. This whole service has been a pain in the butt and i'm thinking of getting comcast> maybe they wont screw with me. Please have it replaced at no charge since its your defect problem not mine.

Oct 13, 2017

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