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Cox Is the worst ISP in America!!! They illegally throttle service and block vpn use!! They need to be shut down for their criminal tactics! They systematically throttle your service to the point were the internet is not even usable all because you want to protect yourself and use a VPN service!! If u think these [censored] will help you would be wrong.. Cox has the worst customer service in the industry!! Their customer service employees blatantly and negligently lie about the services they offer and what it provides! These clowns refuse to help you if they find out you are using a VPN service! They block ports just to [censored] with your vpn service! Throttling is illegal and yet this scumbag ISP continues to do it to millions of people because they are a piece of [censored] company. They have an illegal monopoly and consumers no longer have a choice!! Of course our government doesn't do [censored] about it either! You have been warned if you think your ISP is bad you have no idea till you use these con artist criminals!do not get cox communications they will illegally throttle and block your vpn! Class action lawsuit is in their future!

May 13, 2018
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      May 23, 2018

    I cut out Cox cable tv a few years ago and am much happier. By subscribing to Netflix, Sling, and Amazon Prime, along with using an indoor antenna, I pay exactly $37 for many more and better viewing choices than offered by Cox. I subscribe to their internet service here in Las Vegas because they have no competitor here. They raised my rates 4 times since March 2017. Each time I called their "customer retention dept." and each time after reasoning with the customer service reps, my rate was reduced to a more appropriate price. They used to advertise unlimited internet wit no data caps. Now it is all about data caps and charging extra for using the internet too much. What other product do you pay for and then get told not to use it too much or you will pay extra for no reason other than greed? Never sign a contract for their services. It is much better going month to month and then when technologies emerge that replace cable tv or internet, you will not be stuck with a huge bill from Cox. I pay $72.95 per month for 100 mbps. That is higher than it used to be but in April they tried to raise the price to over $85 per month. Their bills are deceptive and often do not mention that you will receive a rate increase with the next bill. That is why you need to shop for your tv services even in areas where there is no competitive cable company. You can always subscribe to HBO for a month over the internet from
    You can get a free month, pay fifteen dollars for another month, and binge watch Game of Thrones, Westworld, and
    Big Little Lies. Netflix is way better than anything a cable company will offer and has more things to watch than a Mueller investigation.

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