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D Nov 20, 2017 Review updated:

I spoke to both a customer service representative and a billing supervisor named Patrick. I expressed that I paid my bill and it didn't go through. I have a memory of doing so but because they waived a late fee for me earlier this year, they wouldn't do it again. The first time was because when I signed up with Cox to begin with, my email's inbox was so inundated with Cox ads pushing me to purchase things I don't want, that I missed the bill. This time, I submitted the payment on-time, but for whatever reason the payment did not go through. Apparently that makes me liable. That is what Patrick said. I wonder if Patrick followed up every time he used his health insurance or credit card or check book. I trust American Express, United Health Care and Wells Fargo will take care of me—but not Cox. It's a shame that I chose to go with a company so unreliable. "I'm sorry you feel that way" doesn't make Cox a better company or make for better customer service. You may as well train your customer service agents to avoid that phrase because we all know they're not sorry, it's just more money for a bad service. You're a wallet-sucking, low quality company with shotty internet service. My parents have had a terrible experience with Cox and now so I have I. There's a reason Cox has such a low rating with Consumer Reports. If there was another service option in my area, I would take it immediately.


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      Nov 21, 2017

    Do you have some sort of confirmation or proof that your bill was paid on time? If you don't, it is understandable why they are unable to waive your fee. It was kind of them to waive your previous fee as technically that was your error alone.

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