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Cox Communications / refunds missing

1 Fairfax, VA, United States

Cox seems to overcharge many of their customers, but in my case they continued to charge me after I closed my account (I was assured by a Customer Rep this would not happen).

That was 4 months ago ... they still have not refunded my money, and to try and make me feel better the latest rep I talked to said that "lots of people go through this, one woman is waiting on a $1000 refund and she cannot buy christmas presents" ... no joke! Like that was supposed to make me feel BETTER!

It takes Cox 4-8 weeks to issue a check despite the fact that they can electronically charge your account in minutes (why not do the refunds the same way like most other companies?) ... then they try to tell you it will take another 4-8 weeks to go through the mail - yeah right, what mail service takes that long?? When I get a supervisor on the phone I am told that is incorrect (obviously).

After waiting 16 weeks, they've made enough money on your refund's interest that it seems like fraud to me. I still don't have a check and now they're saying they will cancel the old one and send a new one - in 4-8 weeks! I bet they never actually sent the first one.

They also tell me they will have people look into the case and call me back. No one ever calls me back. I think they are just blowing me off and hoping I don't keep calling.

But now I feel so bad for the $1000 woman that I will make sure to call them every day. They take people's money when they know they shouldn't, and then wait months and months to get it back to them.

If I hadn't called over and over again, they would have kept my money forever. They might still be trying to, who knows. I may call a lawyer - it's really easy to return people's money to them, but that's not what they want to do.


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