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Cox Communications / just awful!

1 Enfield, CT, United States Review updated:

I have used Cox Communications for almost 5 years now under my mothers name. I just recently moved into a new house and out of my mothers and ordered Cox thinking I would be getting a GREAT deal since I was a new customer. Boy was I wrong. First of all the tech that came to install got saw dust all over my new living room floor and furniture. He left all the wires going to the computer, phone and TV in a huge knot and to top it off, the box on the side of my house he left opened with the cover to in on my driveway!
I was so upset to see this when I got home. I called and complained and they told me they would send someone out the next day, did they? NO! I had to wait over the weekend for someone to come and clean up after themselves.
When I thought this was the end of it... boy was I wrong! Next came all the hidden fees. I signed up for a bundle which should have saved me money. It was called the Max View Bundle cause we watch TV quite often. It said on line it should come with free HBO and Cinemax... turned on my TV... neither was on there. The went to use our DVR... didn't work... they gave us the wrong box. So I had to go and pick one up myself and call to have HBO and Cinemax put on.
Then I go to use my phone... no caller ID or call waiting! Is this the stone age? Since when does a bundle that should save you money not include caller ID and call waiting... but instead includes "phone tools" to let you listen to your messages online... I don't want that. I want to see who is calling when I am at home! So call and they charge you extra for that... You would think this would be the end of it... NO! Get my bill and they charge me an extra $10 for Cinemax. I call and they say oh that is right. There are TWO Max View Bundles... one with just HBO for free and the other with BOTH for free but that ones cost an extra $10... so I ask... what would it cost if I switched from the HBO and Cinemax one to just the HBO one with Starz... oh the same... WHAT THE HELL!!!

Long story short... Cox Communications is a horrible company to have for cable... It is really too bad that they are the ONLY company that I can use in my location other than a dish... it is also too bad that they have the BEST internet around... other wise I would have switched a LONG time ago!!!

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  • Aa
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    same thing happen to me same thing this is horrible

  • Sa
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    You are so right! I too signed up for the Cox Bundle in July and it was a nightmare. I had to make about 3 dozen calls where I sat on hold each and every time and was put through all of the automated garbage before being connected to a real person. Then I had 6 different service guys out here on six different days before they got everything working "correctly" but that didn't last long! Phone calls didn't come through to me half the time (people told me that my phone rang and rang and I never answered ... well, it never rang on my end!) and on half a dozen long distance calls I was disconnected while in the middle of the call. My TV's were constantly "tiling" ...that's a term I learned from Cox. Of course my connections to the internet were frequently interrupted as well.

    Would I recommend Cox Bundle? NEVER! I used most of my cell phone minutes just phoning COX to report problems! Thank goodness my cell phone is from a different company.

  • Am
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Cox is pure garbage. It took them 3 weeks to set up my account because the last tenant returned everything but forgot to turn off his phone line and they could never get ahold of him. So I had to fax and re-fax my lease THREE TIMES. This past night was the worst though, they said to just fax the lease again and they'd call me RIGHT BACK. I asked "are you sure I'll get a call back tonight because I'm waiting here". Oh sure, yup a call right back.

    2 hours go by (meanwhile I'm at work waiting past hours because it's the only fax machine I have) and I call back. Oh sorry, the department that can "verify" the lease won't be back until tomorrow and they left 3 hours ago. WHAT THE HELL.

    Plus, they charged me $500 for equipment even though I asked them to transfer my account instead of close it. That was a whole other ordeal I needed to get sorted out with them. So unorganized.

    Beyond that, I've had to return 3 DVRs in the past because they give you used ones that don't work. Plus Internet is always shutting off and going back on. Pure garbage I tell you. I wish there was another service provider in my area (RI)

  • Jc
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    I really don't understand the objection to providing a copy of the death certificate.

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