Cox Communications / cox is creating fees and says I did not pay my bill

So first of all, about 10 days ago, my internet got cut about a week before my bill was due and the only explanation I received was that if I wanted it back, I had to pay $50.99 that were due immediately (total bill $93.49). I had no choice but to pay these $50. Then I went to my bill to pay the rest when it was the due date, and OH SURPRISE, they say I owe $195.99 from past bills not paid and then added a fee for TV reactivation for $20 !!! I printed all my bank statement that prove I damn well paid my bills each past month ! And on the cat window, the agent was keeping telling me I owed the month of february and that there was a late fee, then the reactivation fee...but the TV was never deactivated ? I am honestly so sick of their shady business, thank God my contract is over and I will take my business somewhere else. What a shameful company...

Apr 17, 2016

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