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Topeka, KS, United States

I have been a Cox Customer for 15 years but after this weekend I am not sure if I can Continue my service with Cox. On Friday October 20, I returned my Cox DVR to the Cox store in Topeka Kansas to a representative named ZAY. I had already received a replacement box in the mail. I set it up and it was working fine when I left the house Saturday morning to return the DVR. When I got to the store I told Zay I was returning the DVR. He intern turned off all my cable boxes at my house. When he had told me what he had done he said he reset it and everything was working fine. I asked him twice before I left the store if everything was working At my house. He told me three times yes everything was working. When I got home from work Friday evening I found that indeed none of the boxes I had were working and Had no Cable. I spent over two hours with two customer service reps trying to get my cable back on but to no effect. I was told the earliest a tech to come out would be Sunday the 22nd. On Saturday, October 21 I made three attempts to contact someone at the Cox store in Topeka. No one to this day has taken the time to contact me. A customer service tech came out Sunday and Replaced my cable box. When I asked what was wrong he couldn't tell me or wouldn't tell me. My complaint is valid and I'm really upset with the fact that the Cox store in Topeka never took the time or the courtesy to call me back about my problem. It's my believe that when ZAY turned off my cable he knew that I could not be re-connected or turn back on. I have an offer to go with AT&T was 200 channels telephone and Internet service for $74 a month for two years. I am seriously considering that offer. If this is the way your stores treat cops customers, it's time for a change. This is not the first time I've had an issue with Cox service but I can promise you this will be the last time. I want to know what you can do about this. I know that losing one customer will not hurt your company but I can tell you I will spread the word about your poor service and alert Cox and perspective Cox customers. You seem to have a monopoly in Topeka Kansas and basically have no competition. Is this the way you treat customers? I would like to be contacted about this and explain more in detail. Thank you.

Oct 17, 2017

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