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I was without cable service this weekend due to a fail cable box. Customer Service and Tech Support told me to they couldn't do anything until next week. I told them that it was are only HDTV and we were having a football party on Sunday. They didn't care or have fix the problem yet. They wouldn't dispatch a tech until Monday late or Tuesday. They wouldn't transfer me to a manager or return my e-mail to their complaint dept. I have never been treated this bad before with Cox's Customer Service and Tech Support Depts. We are still without TV service at my residence and their no reprecussion to them. I paid over $150 per month for cable/internet services. And yet I get treated like a second class citizen to them.

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  • Ca
      Jul 06, 2009

    Cable is a luxury not a necessity or a priority like a telephone. boo hoo!!

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  • Ka
      Jun 28, 2010
    Cox Cable - poor response for customer service
    Cox Cable
    United States

    I am a disabled senior who has been having trouble with missing channels from the converter box. I have been calling for over a month, put on hold for almost an hour one day, and then disconnected when it was discovered that I was calling from a cell phone that wasn't on the contract.

    I had difficulties getting up and down the way they wanted me to for the on line digital help line, and when my son came over and helped me to take the box into the COX CABLE service office in Oceanside after another useless phone attempt, I was told that they couldn't replace the box until I went through the on line waiting, ect. again and received an OK from customer service. I've given up even trying any more with these people.

    I would think that there would be more help for people with special needs.

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  •   Feb 24, 2011
    Cox Cable - poor / non-existent service
    Cox Communications
    United States

    I've been a cox communications customer since 1997 (14 years). However, it would have ended in 2017 if not for a set of unfortunate circumstances.
    Since then their dvr motorola box has been spotty at best. I've had cox out to service it at least once every 6 months. The following issues have been experienced;
    1. Pixelation.
    2. Poor/no hd service.
    3. Recording error (Too many to list) resulting in no program to watch
    4. Recording quality so poor the show was unwatchable.
    5. Recording quality so poor it was not possible to watch after the errors occurred (Show stops).
    6. Recording doesn't happen. It was scheduled. But, when the show started the recording didn't.
    7. Some channels (Especially hd) experience excessive pixelation causing the entire channel to drop out.
    8. No power to dvr box.
    9. Dvr box required re-booting (At least monthly since jan 2017).
    10. Dvr would accept re-boot and would indicate power on, but would not turn on.

    In short, the dvr equipment (I've had at least 4 of them in the last 7 years) is so unreliable as to be unusable.

    My recommendation: if you like standard box or even standard dvr (Haven't used this so can't recommend one way or, another) give it a try. If you like hd service, try someone else. (I am).

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