CouponCabin / they did not refund me and blocked my ip!!

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I was supposed to get some of my money back and they promised I will! But they never gave me a refund and I have no idea how to get my money back. When I contacted CouponCabin customer support they told me that I did something wrong. Then I asked for help and they promised to resolve the issue but they never did anything! Only promises after promises and absolutely no action! I sent them tons of messages and in the end they just blocked my IP address and now I can't even access the site! Great!

Apr 11, 2016
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  • Ry
      Apr 11, 2016

    Hi there,

    I am sorry for the problems you have experienced on our website. I wasn't able to locate an account based on the information you provided, so I would encourage you to send an email to [protected] Once your email has been received we will take this under further review and provide a response as soon as possible.


    Ryan Ewart
    Customer Service Manager | CouponCabin

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  • Br
      Jul 04, 2017

    @Ryan_CouponCabin Yall just blocked me from my account yall are a scam! Don't worry I'm reporting you to the BBB!

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  • Na
      Jan 31, 2018

    @Briana R Anthony I have reported them to the BBB as well! They did the same thing to me!

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  • Br
      Jul 04, 2017

    Report them to theat BBB! I have hundreds of dollars I lost from them! They said Iam doing something wrong! Please report this scam of comlanyard! The same exact thing happened to me!

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  • Bh
      Jul 22, 2017

    I am currently having similar issue with coupon cabin. Got blocked by a made up excuse. Got an email saying that they would credit me with my cash back. i sent them a email saying that I had not defaulted and have all my exchanges with their rep saved. Have since then sent 2 emails to their support with no response (which is promised in 24 hrs). Froze my acct and with it my cash back, going back to Ebates.

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  •   Jul 31, 2017

    @Bhavana Sharma Gulati Hi, Bhavana.

    It was clearly explained to you that your account was banned for having multiple accounts on your computer network:

    "...only one account per household or computer network may redeem offers marked as for "New Members Only" or offers marked as limited quantity for "Members Only."..."

    Although the cash back in your account was not validly earned based on our terms and agreement, we paid it to you as a courtesy.

    The last two emails that you sent to us did not have any questions for us to reply to.


    Tyler J.
    CouponCabin Customer Success

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  • Bh
      Aug 06, 2017 Hi Tyler,
    I actually logged onto to say that I was paid the amount in my account. I however have already made it clear to you earlier thru our exchange that early in 2017 when I opened my account with Coupon cabin, my husband opened one as well as we were not aware of one account per household policy ( Ebates does not have it). However right after opening both accts my husband's acct was locked and amount fortified, we accepted it as we were not aware of 1 acct policy at that time. However when my acct was locked we were not defying that policy ( since we only had my account in my household) and I already emailed you this along with having proof of the same. I have all info in my email. so in essence although I do appreciate you clearing the amount owed in my account after locking it, I do not agree that it was closed because of 2 accounts per household issue. We were already penalized for that ( soon after we opened it in 2017, being unaware of this policy). However Thxs for clearing the amount owed before in my account.

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  • Je
      Dec 11, 2017
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    I began using Coupon Cabin this past summer. Amazing. As soon as I received notice that I would be issued a check a couple months ago, and that it would be issued Dec. 6th, (FYI, I have not received it) just this evening I received notice that I was " using multiple accounts" and a dotted list of other possible reasons why my account was blocked and that my cash back cannot be issued. [censor]. Funny thing is my sister, and my niece also received that same notices this week and were blocked from their accounts and will not receive their cash back either. Hmmmmm. I smell something fishy!! We each received the exact same emails which we have screen shots of and we will contact the BBB, social media, FOX News, CNN whomever to get this corrected. Either they have a scammer within the company or the company is a big scam itself. My sister and my niece, and myself live in different towns, do not share computers, accounts, names or anything. I am contacting each company that I made purchases with and letting them know of our concerns. I contacted CouponCabin, no answer, just was able to leave a message with " Scott". I also made a screen shot of my email message to Coupon Cabin as to my concerns and will let the world know of their response. We've committed no violations what so ever, we want to see proof of that, we want an apology, we want answers and we want our cash back that should be coming to us. Jeanne B.

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  • Ba
      Oct 05, 2018

    This company is a big scam. They have a classic excuse for stealing the money - "as per our terms and conditions". One day they will realize, they are left with only their Terms and Conditions and there wont be any users.

    I moved to EBates.

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