CouponCabinaccount terminated without explanation

I'm seeing a lot of these messages, so I doubt I'll get anything more than a useless, generic response from CouponCabin, but here goes. This morning at 12 am I received an email that payment method for my CouponCabin account had been changed twice and confirming that I made those changes (which I don't believe I had - I had changed my payment method once a few days prior). I tried to log in to my account and saw a message that it had been terminated. When I contacted customer service in confusion, I received an email threatening legal action and stating:

"By this notice, CouponCabin LLC hereby permanently terminates you from the cashback program for repeatedly and severely violating the CouponCabin Terms and Conditions, to which you have expressly agreed to multiple times."

Looks like my only recourse now is to contact CouponCabin in writing and wait 30 days for a response. I had $175 cash back pending in the next few weeks, and I have no idea how I might have violated their terms and conditions. I think at bare minimum, CouponCabin could quote the section of the terms and conditions which they claim I have violated, for which they are threatening legal action against me.

Jan 17, 2019

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