Countrywide BankAwful bank

A villa was purchased when there was money. I am on a fixed income $1, 600.00/mo and have been since 1992! We had to use equity after my husband lost job Feb 2006. No Job, no more income. We applied for a loan. We received this loan through Countrywide Finances; when my husband was still out of work at 61 years of age. No hope for employment and Countrywide still gave us a loan. A 15 year mortgage for a villa of $198, 000.00 dollars. "That's ok; we can work it out..." I was too tired to fight any more, they said yes, so we signed.

I had to exhaust my mutual fund account and what part of my Roth IRA, I could. With medical complications, more bills, we maxed out that credit card. We asking Countrywide to stop collecting our escrow and return our money. I get an 'OK, no problem.' Surprisingly within a week we had our escrow money. At least that dropped our payment to $1.500.00 monthly.

Then we received a letter dated October 28, 2008 with a message saying we were expected to pay our Real Estate Taxes. No fooling? At least there was enough money in escrow to pay the taxes. We were not willing to risk letting them lose that money! Yes, our taxes are paid!

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