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Country Vacations / not getting my money refund

1 AkurdiPune, India

Dear Sir/Ma'm,
In the month of Mar, 2015, In Reliance Mart, Aundh, Pune; one person gave us a slip and ask us to fill and said that there will be lucky draw and if you will be selected we will get some gifts including a free holiday voucher. And as everyone get selected in that lucky draw, we also got selected and got call from a girl who ask us to visit their office in Aundh to collect gifts, and told us that you will have a session of 40 Min before receiving gifts and she was not ready to tell us that what that session is all about. She follows up very frequently with me and requested many time to attend the session. Finally, on one weekend when I and my wife were in that area, we thought of collecting the gifts and visit their office. Where me were made to wait for around 20 min then they took us in a big room where many couples were sitting at some distance and they were in some discussions with country club people. There was loud music so no one was able to hear what is going on at other’s desk.
Finally a guy whose name is Sudhir (Mob. – [protected]) came to our desk and started their process of brainwashing us. He was explaining some vacation and club plan with many promises, but we were in dilemma, so we denied then he started reducing the price. He told as that for club + vacation you will have to pay Rs. 135000/- and Rs. 8500/- per anum AMC charges. We were still not in the mood to invest that big amount and as there is no club in my area so that were of no use to me. And at the end he told us that you can also take vacation only plan which will cost you Rs. 65000/- and you will not have to pay any other charges in future. He told me that we will get 10 holidays of 7N/6D in duration of 5yrs. And for any holiday booking they will provide full itinerary and we will have to pay only for flight charges and that too up to 40% off, as they have contracts with airlines. Wherever country club is having their resort they will provide Breakfast and Dinner free and wherever it is in collaboration we will have to pay nominal charges. Sightseeing and local conveyance will be free. You can book your holidays through app and can get all the updates related to country club. And the list goes on……..
Still we ask some time to decide, we told him that we will think and let them know some other time. But he insists too take decision there itself and said that these all offers are for today only. So we took the plan. And Sudhir came to us with the contact document and made us sign to some innumerable number of documents and didn’t even give us time to read all those. To read all that someone would need hours. Finally when he handed over to us the receipt it was having total amount as 135000/-. When we asked what this is? He told us that, your plan is vacation only and just in case you want to take club membership in future, you can pay remaining amount and take the club membership also. I still ask him to mention only the amount I paid but he said no issues sir, you will not have to pay any amount other than this in future.
We came to know about all this fraud when we were planning our first vacation through country club. First of all it is already more than 10days but still I didn’t get the itinerary. At first place we call Sudhir, as he promised us that we can contact him for any booking purpose, he gave one number when we called on that number than the girl told me that we will have to pay local conveyance charges. Then we called back Sudhir he said I will go to reservation office and will call but we didn’t get any reply from him for 3 days. Then I called him many times on Sat morning but he didn’t pick up, I dropped him messages also on whatsapp and even after reading the messages there was no reply. Then I called him again at around 12:00, finally he picked the call and when I asked him for my issue resolution, he said I will go to reservation office and will call you by 2:30PM but I didn’t get any call, then I call him at around 3:30PM, then he said I will call you in 10-12 min but no call again, then I call him at around 6PM, he said I will call you in 2 min, again I didn’t receive any call. Then I called him around 7:30PM, again he stopped picking call. And after trying for many time he finally picked and said I am handing over phone to reservation guy, he will send you reply by Monday. Reservation guy also told the same thing that for sure I will reply by Monday but I didn’t receive any communication from their side. Then I called Sudhir on Tues (As I was not having number of that guy), then he told me some other story that it takes 3 working days (And that was 3rd working day already), we waited for another day, still no reply. Finally I dropped an email to central customer care then I got the call from same girl(Neetu Chavan), to whom we talked initially. After talking to him we came to know about many more fake promises like there is no free food, some false AMC charges and utility taxes which were not told to us initially. When I asked her for contact number of some senior person she didn’t gave me and was just playing in emails and over call. She told me that I will ask Sudhir to call you and look into your issues, if he will not be able to solve your problem then I will give number of any senior person but till the time I haven’t received any type of communication from Sudhir. And ever after many follow ups with Neetu, she still haven’t provided contact number of any senior person and neither she solved our issue. Here is the list of some fake promises that I come to know till now from them and problems that I faced:
1. He told us that we will have 2 holidays of 6N/7D per year but Neetu told me that we are having only one such holiday per year.

2. Breakfast and dinner will be free wherever country club have their own resorts and wherever it is in collaboration, we will have to pay nominal charges but Neetu told us that Food is also chargeable.

3. He told us that there is a AMC amount of 8500/- which is for club membership plan but as we opt for only vacation plan, so we will not have to pay anything apart from the money that we have already paid(Rs. 65000/-).

4. I am following up with people for more than 10 days for getting the itinerary but I just got the mail from Neetu Chavan, which is having just two things(Please find her mail in red below). Utility taxes of 2100, which was also not told to us in the beginning and AMC charge of Rs. 8500/-(This is also wrongly charges as per initial promise from Sudhir).

Dear Sir/mam,

Greetings from country club!!

This is to inform you that your booking has been confirmed for 1 room in both destination

Bandipur 13/09/2015 to 16/09/2015 =

(Utility taxes)

Kodaikanal 16/09/2015 to 19/09/2015

Kindly pay the AMC charges of Rs- 8500/-, for 2nd year holidays, to issue CV.

5. Sudhir promised earlier that all the local conveyance will be from Country vacations side but now he is saying it is chargeable, it is not about charges but whatever is truth should be informed correctly to customer.

6. Sudhir told us that we can follow anything going on in country club through app, but we are not able to make use of that app because it shows that you have some pending amount to be paid.

7. Sudhir promised that you can go for only vacations plan but the receipt which he handed over to us was having amount of both vacations and club plan and we made it clear to him already we will never going to take that club plan, but he made the receipt of full amount and said no issues if you want in future, you can pay otherwise you can enjoy the plan as you opt for.

8. Sudhir promised us that for any issue and reservations you can contact me and since last more than a week he is making fool of us, either he do not pick the call or if he pics, he says I will call you in 10 min or I will call you in 2 min but we never got a call from his side even after many follow ups by me and my wife.

As I haven’t used any of their services and faced so many issues and after coming to know that almost all promises were fake, I want my membership fee back. For same I have dropped email to Country Club customer care also but till now I haven’t received any reply from them.

We are feeling like cheated and going through mental torture because of these people. We have given them our hard earned money, and in return we are facing such attitude and behavior from these people.
Kindly help us in taking our membership fee refund in full. I will be very thankful to you.

Please find our registered details with Country Club as follows:

Membership : CVPU1CLUB5LB196192
Email :
Mobile : [protected]


Aug 17, 2015

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