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I joined Country Club on Jan, 2016. When I joined they said there will be a get together time to time with members and also during festivals. So far even single time didn't happened.

Free ticket for live shows like music concert or any events. They given only one time in 2018.

Initially I paid some amount in 2016, then in 2017 they keep on call to pay the remaining, at last they made me to pay like saying your account will be closed if you didn't pay remaining amount. And also promised that I will receive 1 gram gold coin. After I paid on last November, 2017, still I following them to collect the coin. but no responsive.

Recently I was trying to call Malaysia Country Club Manager (Mr.ByReddy), his phone was not reachable. I tried for several days, but its in not reachable mode. Then send a mail to India office. After some time they replied that to contact Dubai office.

I was keep on asking when I joined in Malaysia office, why i have to conduct Dubai office. Is the Malaysia office is closed.

I did a mistake, before joining if would have went through their review i will be saved. but what to do now.

So I am requesting your help to cancel my member ship and refund my payment.


Oct 29, 2018
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  • Gu
      Nov 18, 2018

    i have joined to country club member ship in 2016, now initially they told to check on the service of there club etc, well during that period i was planning to go to home country and wanted to check on the option from the country club so i thought of booking the hotel through them, so i had inquired them on the option which i had given to them earlier and till the end the booking was not made and i had to make the hotel booking on myself,

    i had to keep contacting the staff on the follow up each and every time, but they tell we will do we are busy and all stories

    in the beginning they had promised us they will book the hotel room where we want but when we want that location where we want they say they dont have any tie up with that particular hotel

    even for booking they promised there will be fees for $ 20 which we need to pay at hotel but when we ask them to confirm on the booking they are telling to book the $ 20 fee in advance

    am contacting them for the reimbursement but the cell phone are switch off

    kindly do the needful for this issue as soon as possible

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  • Ba
      Jan 26, 2019

    @Gurudev Hi me to one of the victim... My money was cheated.. Are you able to contact them..

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  • Ba
      Jan 29, 2019

    @BalaPuni Hi.. Sorry.. Am not able to contact them. I'm emailing the customer care button any reply from them

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  • Co
      Mar 04, 2019

    @Gurudev Hi Friends... We are totally gathered 5 in number facing the same issues from country club. its already more than a year, we are not getting proper solution from country club, finally we are blank and we dont know how to communicate, and whom to contact.

    We have strongly decided to fight aganist this corruption and fight the injustice. We have formed a group already and have a plan of taking this to appropriate authorities and log a compliants.

    Kindly share your contacts on [protected], please give us your hand and moral support to save some more people. Let us all join together and fight for the justice to get our issues resolved.

    Friends, we will add you to the group and moving forward we all make sure that no one should be cheated by country club.

    Please share the details to below gmail id countryclubsufferers2019, will add you in whatsapp group

    Country club sufferers

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