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One day While Returning out of Panda Near Hara, Riyadh I found a guy inviting me to a small show / family program to attaend at Country Club Building Near Hara Lulu.
I reached there as invited to only know that they invited me falsely for a marketing presentation of Country Club
I met a guy who introduced me to a few of the Country club accomplishments then another took rounds with the name of Pankaj. The Conversation email to pankaj after I made payment is below:

"It's been a pleasure dealing with you and your company
Kindly note that you as a employee of Country Club (CC) you promised me over the membership for Lifetime on Package which actually was SAR 11, 000 after a large scale discount for SAR 8000 for which you took a contract acknowledgement on 13th Aug 2018.

Me and my Wife reached the office at around 7.20pm and got 2-3 confirmation calls from CC till then. The lady who received us from the Ground Floor and told it will take at least 1hr to handover the gifts as they have to first make us attend an event for One Hour. We sat in office for 5mins .One guy receives us for small Introduction amid Loud Music inside a room where 3 families were also seated with individual presenters. Your Guy named Rizwan started the so called 1hour event with my 3 children seated starving your presentation turns to brainwashing Marketing Gimmick of CC extending to 2 hours.

Presentation started.They started boasting about country club, you took turns and presented topics in very ordered manner.The senior most person was very serious.. :P Some of his divine lines were, 'You should be giving an Yes or No before you leave as offer is valid only till then'

Coming back to subscription, you on my enrolment told me that for activation one time call shall come to me immediately may be same day which I did not receive for the past 3 days though its 16th Aug today.

Nor were there Calls from you unless I tried you on first 24 hours after payment.

Now with sons condition being worst and operation for his Hypospedia Case failed I need my money refunded for the amount paid since I never got enrolled or CC ever activate my membership. The same I did discuss with you yesterday 15th Aug 2018 around 9pm KSA time.

Moreover the reviews on CC have not done any good for the intention of me stop this membership immediately. Internet is filled with not just people but also the members of CC have filed a lot of complain not just from India or Saudi Arabia but Globally that your company has FRAUDULENT approach for people to tempt individuals enrol.

Kindly cancel my membership and let me know when I could get the refund of my amount SAR 8000 which I paid (Attached proof of Payment) and never got enrolled"

I tried following up lot of times after that but never got any response even after a lot of calls.

Country Club Hospitality & Holidays

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