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Dear Sir,
I have explained each and every details of the fraud that happened with me .

How it Started?
I got a call from the country club, Sarjapur road, on 3rd March Morning saying that you are the lucky winner and they have few gifts for me which I should pick on same day from them . I asked them how I won this ? Then I recollected that I have filled one coupon a week back in Shoppers stop parking. The lady of country club told me over a call that you need to come empty handed and empty pocket, collect the gifts and it will take 30 minis of your time.
Somehow I thought lets go and find out. So I went there with my wife around 6 pm in the evening. The moment I entered, a customer sales person told me that they have one presentation for me, just after that I can collect my free gifts . And hence presentation (one on one discussion started)
In presentation, they first asked us what's out vacation plan for this year, where are we planning to go like domestic or international. Then they started with explain their membership plan.
Sir, I have attached in the mail the plan/facilities offered by them as its one page full I have attached it separately. They said you can avail all these facilities just by paying Ra's 59005/- and using credit card using 48 months installment with no processing fee and No interest .
How I fall in trap
I and my wife was very tempted with number of facilities provided and that too with good payment plan of 48 months. And we thought that the offer is genuine looking at their big resort and broached they showed us.
They also mentioned that you are among 116 lucky families and this offers lasts only for today . Even tomorrow it will not be available. SO they did not give us time to think on the offer. It was a complete psychological trap.
We were so tempted by their way of talking and marketing strategy that we chose to buy their membership and I swiped my SBI credit card paying them 59005 Ra's .
Same day they made us sign the agreement. BUT, the facilities mentioned in the agreement was totally different from what they mentioned verbally . I asked them the same question . They said its just a formality and I will get a welcome Kit from country club within 7 days which will contain all the list of facilities they promised before selling the membership. I thought its ok and I signed the agreement and EMI form.

Next day
I was just browsing the Internet and thought of looking at the reviews of country club/country vacation.
I was shocked to see that this company is fraud and they are making fool of people since last many years. Many cases have been booked against them not only in Karnataka, across India also. Even not only in India across world. It did not take a long time for me to understand that I am a victim of fraud and my money is gone.
What I came to know from Internet about country club/vacation
They call people/families only for getting their gift. Tempt them to take their membership . And never ever fulfil their promises. And best part for them is, facilities mentioned in the agreement are different from what they promised to offer before selling the membership.
They never convert the payment option into EMI . I also called my bank and confirmed this from them. They said we did not get any request from merchant (country club)
They fooled many families in past and continuing to do so in future.
What promises they broke in last 3 days after taking membership
Apart from that they also said that I will get a call from their Bangalore HQ, based out of Koramangala and they will explain all the facilitates again on 6th March that is Monday. Till today I did not receive a call from them. They also sent mobile application using which I can access their facilities . My log in should have been enabled on same day of buying membership that is 3rd March 2017, its still yet to happen. I also asked them that I want to book my holiday on April 22, 2017 . They promised me that the travel agent will come to my place by 6th March, its also not happened. The EMI form is not submitted to bank.
What I did
I went to their office on Sunday(5th March) and talked to the sales manager ( the same person who explained about the membership facilities on 3rd March). I discussed all the facilities again with him. But this time I did a video and audio recording of the same with the help of my wife.
I also dropped them a mail (attached in the email) saying that these are the facilities you promised to offer before selling the membership . Please reply back on the mail saying that you accept this or else I will cancel the membership and the whole amount will get refunded. I gave them day's time (yesterday) to reply back. And as expected they did not respond.
Ray Of Hope
Through Internet I came across a WhatsApp group of other victims from Bangalore and across the country. Trust me sir there are many like me from good family. Country club has taken different amount (60K, 1.5L, 2.5L etc) from them offering false promises.
The WhatsApp group admin is the social activist of NGO based out of Mumbai. The group suggested me that do following steps to get your money back
 Send the cancellation mail to country club and ask them to refund money back to your account
 File a transaction dispute with bank and give them the necessary proofs and Internet links of previous fraud.
 File a complaint with police and attach the copy of same to the transaction dispute.
Mostly by doing this I will get my money back. Many people have got money back like this. I also came across one person who used SBI for transaction and got money back . He shared his chargeback details of bank with me. I can use it for reference while filing for the transaction dispute.
They also advised me to do so as soon as possible as there is 10 days cooling period after signing the agreement as per Association of resort clubs of India.
They also told me that the agreement is void as all the points are in favor of country club.

What I did till today
 I sent them a mail (attached with this email – mail sent to country club on 6th March) containing all the promised facilities and asked them to reply back . They did not respond.
 I confirmed from my bank that EMI request is not yet received from country club
My Next step
 Send a cancellation of membership mail to country club
 File a complaint with police
 Attach the complaint and all necessary proof and file transaction dispute with SBI
Sir in this I need your view and guidance .
Thank you!

Mar 08, 2017

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