Couchsurfing / illegal activity of moderation team (federal offence)

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Good morning
my name is antonis
i had an account in CS associated with e mail ( [protected]

2 months ago members of your moderation team of couchsurfing US ( Amelia and Billy) have accepted money from a rich individual who resides in the uk ( her name is Chloe Gowan) so as to delete my account

they claimed that i harasses this lady, but they never provided any evidence of that which is illegal on its own

this lady was actually harassing me and because she has money ( she is millionaire) she paid your moderation team, with money under the table so as to do her bid

this is a federal offence and i already submitted a report to the police and a specific court in the US

So before i am forced to have my attorneys contact your legal department directly and then file a law suit against your moderation team for unscrupulous immoral tactics, i wish that your supervisor contact me in this e mail



Sep 13, 2017
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  • Yu
      Mar 07, 2018

    My CouchSurfing account has been deactivated by Amelia too, without any evidence provided. I do not reside in the US.

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