Costco Wholesale Corporationracism alert at the optical department at costco warehouse in winter park, florida

Subject: Racism alert at the Optical Department at Costco Warehouse in Winter Park, Florida

I'd like to report an incident at the Costco Warehouse in Winter Park, Florida, which left me with a highly distasteful experience.

I was at the warehouse optical department on Friday - Feb 3, 2017 to get my eye glass frame tightened, which I had bought at Costco earlier. I started waiting in line at 8 pm after taking a token number. The attendant - Mr. Anthony was serving a lady who was ahead of me. He continued to serve her past 8:25 am and she followed up with multiple service requests. Unfortunately it was only him working that day in the optical department. During my entire wait, he did not mention to me even once as to how long it will take for him to get to me or even let me know if I should probably come another day. He ignored me all the while, which was unusual by itself.
At 8:25 pm, after a long wait, I asked him if he can quickly tighten the frame - which should not take more than a couple of mins of his time. His reply was brusque and impolite - as he said it will another 25 minutes for him with the earlier customer. It was already 8:25 pm then and he probably knows I will not wait past the warehouse closing hours (which is 8:30 pm).See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Winter Park, FL He did not offer to help in any manner. I was offended at this treatment after having waited for 25 minutes. I reported Mr. Anthony's discretionary behavior to the store manager Mr. Raul. On enquiring, Mr. Raul was told by Mr. Anthony that he communicated to me that he was willing to help after he was done with the customer. He attributed my complaint to some form of 'miscommunication'.
Mr. Anthony did not promise to help me in anyway and on top of it went on to lie to the store manager about the exchange. I see this incident as the outcome of covert racist discrimination on part of Mr. Anthony. I am of south asian descent, and Mr. Anthony was avoiding eye contact with me the whole waiting period. He chose to treat me differently and did not offer any courtesy that is typically expected from a Costco store.
Otherwise, I always had great experience with other Costco employees at the optical department. The incident with Mr. Anthony has left me with bitter memories about going back to the Winter Park Costco warehouse. We have been long standing, loyal customers to Costco till date.
I charge Mr. Anthony of discrimination and expect Costco to take action against him. I also would like to communicated back on the actions being taken.
Santh Sathya

Feb 05, 2017

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