Costco Wholesale Corporation / poor customer support & awareness

On Tue March 7th @ 4:25 PM, I was a victim of a theft inside Heartland Mississauga Costco store. My handbag with all contents i.e. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Home & Car Keys, Cell phone, Sun glasses, Make-up Kit; got stolen right from my shopping cart.

On reaching out to the Manager in Charge, the reaction was very casual and cold, to the extent that it was stated; such incidents i.e. robbery was happening across other Costco stores also.

If such incidents are routine, why then Costco does not have a "Warning Sign" on entrance alerting customers?

Why is it that Management is not taking such incidents happening inside its premises to customers seriously?

On incident occurrence, why is Costco not ringing an alarm or institute immediate measures to trap the culprit?

What is Costco doing to protect its customers?

Why is Costco not instituting measures to protect its customers who just want to shop and avail of the facilities available?

Why are there no cameras installed in the Stores?

In the absence of all of the above, it is an implied encouragement for such incidents to reoccur with no control.

We also came to know from our colleagues, that such incidents have been happening at other stores of Costco.

As long standing patrons of Costco, we now are instilled with fear and undue pressure when shopping at Costco.

I urge the Management to take up such incidents with utmost seriousness to ensure a safe shopping experience to all its customers.

Mar 10, 2017

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