Costco Wholesale Corporation / kirkland signature organic tortilla chips

What happened to the Regular Kirkland Signature Tortilla Chips? We live in Raton, New Mexico. The closest Costcos to us are the ones in Colorado Springs. On February 15th we went to the Nevada Costco on the north end of town. As part of our trip we went to stock up on Kirkland Signature Tortilla Chips and to our dismay there were no Kirkland Signature Tortilla Chips to be found only the low budget, made of cardboard, insult to corn, Kirkland Signature Organic Tortilla Chips. On a scale of one to 10, one being dog poop the Kirkland Signature Organic Tortilla Chips are a -3, which is fine. If people want to sell and by "worse than dog poop" organic tortilla chips they should have the freedom to do so. However...pulling the flavorful, crisp, tasty, Regular Kirkland Signature Tortilla Strips is communist. Why do you insist on swapping out your regular, tried and true, food products that your costumers have come to love and enjoy for only an organic option? What makes you think that everyone wants only organic options? All it does is make people mad and then they either stop buying the product at Costco or stop shopping at Costco all together. If we wanted only organic food we would shop at a whole food store. I have been shopping at cost for 20 year and my parents nearly 15 years before that. I grew up on Costco and believe you me your costumers don't like it when you do this only organic option crap. So do yourself and us a favor and bring back the non-organic options for your food products. At least if you insist you on offering organic food continue to offer the regular option and let the people make the choice instead of you guys assuming that everyone wants organic and making the choice for them. Please bring back the Regular Kirkland Signature Tortilla Chip Strips!!! Thanks for hearing me out. I look forward to having regular food again. -Jared Chatterley, Raton, New Mexico

Mar 15, 2017

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