Costco Wholesale Corporationkirkland house blend coffee

The new bag of your house blend coffee has changed. It no longer satisfys me nor my wife. Visually, the coffee is a lighter color than the coffee that was our mainstay for many years. Taste has become more bland. You have changed the blend and now we have to change our daily coffee. You have lowered the price by $0.50, a 5% reduction, but have changed the quality by 50%.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Glen Mills, PA Did you think nobody would notice?

We are finding less to like about the foods that Costco is selling. Our Giant Food stores have sweeter and larger blueberries. Your large pears have little flavor. Sometimes we find the fruit box has spoiled fruit. We will continue to shop costco for hard goods when they are a better value than other merchandizers, but will no longer by your Kirkland food products.

Feb 04, 2017

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