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Yesterday is a beautiful day. May 14, 2017. After lunch with my family to celebrate Mother's Day my 8 year old son asked me if we can get his eyeglasses at Gateway Costco Imperial Ave. San Diego, Ca. It's been 2 weeks and the promised call that we will get when the eyeglasses is done, was never received. It's ok. Everybody can be busy sometimes.
But what happened to me with one employee at this optical should never happened to anybody. I bought 2 eyeglasses for my son. While the other girl was repairing one eyeglass, I asked for an extra cleaning cloth for my son's eyeglasses. Myesha Macklin (the other employee) was hesitant to find one and I don't know why because there is no other custumer at that time and it seems that she doesn't want to look for one. My son is only 8 years old and I just want an extra cleaning cloth as his glasses are always dirty and he always lose this cleaning cloth. I don't mind if there is really nothing.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Diego, CABut to show that she is lazy to look around and the worst is when she gave me a used cloth. She opened one drawer and pull a crumpled, not in a plastic wrapper like the one that I got that is unused one. To give a used cleaning cloth to a child to use for his eyeglass is very unsanitary. We are talking about eyes here, the most important sense in the human body! And Myeshia Macklin gave me a used cloth!!! Yes, as an employee, probably they can use it. But you never give it to a custumer and tell me that it's new! If there is camera on this part of the store, please check it and you will see when she handed me this used cloth and where she got it!
And the worst is when I asked for a manager because I told her "Why are you giving me a used cloth?" She answered, "No, it's not used!" Again, when I asked for the manager, she looked around and this time she gave me a new cloth, a new one inside the plastic!! I think this girl is not motivated to work with custumers as there is no respect for a custumer! No motivation to work and no custumer service at all!

May 15, 2017

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