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S Nov 19, 2017

Today was the last time I will set foot in a Costco center (Leboourgneuf Québec). My wife has been a customer since day one. Myself never needed never wanted a membership card, God behold if I had one the wife would ask me to pick things up on the way from work to home... no thank-you. So today in the gentlemen I am with my wife I dropped her at the door to subsequently try to find a parking lot... a nightmare, always has been always will be when you deal with Costco. Walked into the store to subsequently join my wife... was intercepted and told since I did not have a card I was not allowed access. Never was a problem before, but seriously what a stupid rule. Was told I could call my wife to come and get me... no thank-you it is not hers or my responsibility to bend to such a stupid rule. They told me to get my own card, free of charge. For the reasons mentioned above I was not interested. So I was told I would not be allowed access no exceptions. Hell I have no problems taking my money, that my wife spends at Costco, to Walmart, the [protected]$ per annum will certainly be appreciated by them. Furthermore, their parking lot is not a nightmare, the lines at the cash registers none existant no membership dues and no limited access. I was either too poor or too rich to put up with the horrible shopping experience at Costco. I don't consider myself poor... so today I informed my wife that I will never again set foot in a Costco center. Did not formally tell her to do the same but without my presence she certainly will severely limit her visits.
The last time I boycotted a business (10 years ago) that lost the interest of what is the most important aspect in retail - THE CUSTOMER they went bankrupt... SEARS Canada ring a bell.

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