Costa Coffee / service in ampthill store

Ampthill, England, Bedfordshire, GB

Hi, I visit my local Ampthill Costa every day. The service is outstanding. However on 2 occasions now it hasn't been. Both times is when there was a covering Manager called Ben.
On the first occasion he was rude, he looked scruffy and was apathetic towards his job leaving me feeling I was an inconvenience being there. He then wouldn't give me a saucer for my latté. I explained I wanted one for my spoon upon which he told me to put it in my drink! I told him I don't wish to do this and insisted on a saucer which I then got. I don't appreciate being questioned about what I want. This man needs retraining in customer service. His behaviour and attitude are not acceptable.
The second incident happened today 20/11/17. Once again Ben was managing, but I was served by a girl called Chantelle I think. She was very unfriendly again leaving me feel like I was an inconvenience being there. She made my drink and I wasn't happy with it so I politely asked her to remake it. She didn't acknowledge what I asked just rather stroppily proceeded to re-make it. Staff like this is not what I come to Costa every day for. Courtesy and friendliness cost nothing. So I suggest she too is retrained in customer service. I spend a lot of money with Costa as I lI've the brand and the company as a whole and these two staff members are letting your brand down. Please can you respond to this via my email address. Kindest regards Mrs Iraina Kelly

Nov 20, 2017

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