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Cost Cutters / cut/style

1 Chanhassen, MN, United States Review updated:

I used the same hair stylist 3 times in the last year to color my hair and to do a few highlights-it worked so I decided to bring her a picture of the style/cut/color I wanted for myself.

I explained to her to modify it a little bit.
I also wanted perm so the style will be like that picture for a few months( let me notice that my hair are thick and a bit curly by nature and I knew that perm would be working for me for a few months)...
I spent long hours at the COST Cutters in Chanhasses-from 5.30pm until 10pm Friday night hoping that I get what I want AND NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT LONG PROCESS AT ALL. I WAS ACTUALLY EXCITED TO GET A NEW STYLE AND A CUT. However, I did not get anything close to the picture I showed to her. I do not want to go back to her because It was a special occasion for me for getting a new style/cut and she ruined that... Can I get my money back?? How I should approach her ???
Her name was Constance and before her there was Amanda who did not get a right color for my hair...


to the hairstylist

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  • Le
      27th of Jun, 2011
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    Cost Cutters - Bad cut
    Cost Cutters
    United States

    I received the worst cut ever from the manager, Wanda, at the Fox Lake Cost Cutters . She took a total of 6 minutes to cut my hair. I left with uneven layers and had to go somewhere else to have it fixed. I do not recomend this place to anyone!

  • Xr
      28th of Jul, 2011
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    Cost Cutters - Cost Cutters is bad
    Cost Cutters
    United States

    Cost Cutters in Fox Lake, IL is dirty and unprofessional. There was hair all over the floor, counters and the chair that I was asked to sit in. The manager, (very trashy looking) Wanda cut my hair in about 5 minutes and left it too short and completely uneven. Never go to Cost Cutters!

  • Be
      17th of Sep, 2011
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    Cost Cutters - Bad Haircut and they were rude!
    Cost Cutters
    United States

    Cost Cutters in Delevan was awful, they butchered my sons hair, even with the picture in front of them! Thanks Cassie!!!

  • El
      19th of Feb, 2013
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    To the Stylist in Chanhassen, Minnesota,
    I agree with your agrument in regards to the Cost Cutters stylist, co-workers. I was employed there and that is the way these owners and managers run and want. Fast service, in and out but get a W/C/B, or a color special? Does that sound contradicting? Absolutely yes! I was On the Color List and number#1 product seller numerous times. I gave my heart and soul to thie place for the 8 months that I was there and last February 15th, 2013 they fired me. why? i asked myself and them for 2 days until I had gone through the events of the the time I showed up at work for a morning meeting to punching in early for added help through a busy time. My schedule that day was 2-8pm. After our meeting I punched in and did 3 men's h/c's, rebooked them again and sold products to. I punched out and went ot the bank for Cost Cutters to pick up the deposit slip and make change for the cash register, returned and stapled the proper paperwork to the nights prior cc nightly deposit slip for John Konkis' rfeview and initial. I head to Panera Bread which is located in the same building as Cost Cutters in NBPT, Ma. I order lunch, sit down, turn my PC on and work on that when one of my clients came into Panera Bread and wanted to make an appointment for the next day for a color. Of course, I go next door and we make a color appt., reason being why she came to find me, which she always has since I've worked at Cost Cutters, is because of fear from the Manger Mellissa Mace. When my client showed up for an appt. in August of 2012, Mellissa and my client "Erica" were face to face and Mellissa getting very distrubed that she is there and faces her and starts in a heavy, unrelated salon matter discomforting other clients in the salon, conversation with my client, making her uncomfortable and myself concerned about what was going on. Ever since then, we booked around Mellissa's schedule but with all the hiring and firing of numerous employees didn't always go as a set schedule for us Hairstylists, so we had to accommadate our schedules, importantly as well our clients. And if Erica was scheduled in for a time and Mellissa Mace was was on clock with me, it made Erica uncomfortable. Its unfortunate that it had to go this far as I was fired because Erica wanted to schedule and appt for Sat Feb 16 and she came into Panera so we could comfortably go next door to Cost Cutters and make an appt. But Maria DeSalvatore, District Manager of Cost Cutters, NE of Boston area thought it was some kind of, 'she can tell you' (Maria that is), deal. If that's the case I'm shocked!!! Stunned!!! I am and was an extremely dedicated employee wirh great respect for Cost Cutters. But you sometimes have to look at the source, who's running these CC's? the owner well he wasn't women friendly just like user friendly on your computer. So he took his always looking for an argument attitude and to say it nicely "[censored] canned with me with not a feeling in his mind because he threatened to call the POLICE on me. Can you believe or even comprehend any of this. Just think I just started putting some pieces together and this is the lame excuse to get rid of the stylist "that was holding Newburyport together" and I quote from that morning meeting. So here I am complaining on a Cost Cutters Complaint Page, that's sad because I was on hold on the Corporate line for many times 40+mins at a time with no call back after leaving a mesage to have someone return my call due to it being a complaint. So they really take Cost Cutters serious?

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