Cost Cutters / the worst relaxer ever

United States

I went to get a Relaxer touch up done in brown deer road, Milwaukee, WI cost cutters.The lady seemed like she knew what she was doing.Only after it was done my scalp felt a little weird, thought it will be ok after I wash my hair the next day. The next day I was in for a shock, my hair looked pulled back and she had actually burned my scalp in fornt, it felt almost numb and my face looked so bad. Then did some home remedies like keeping olive oil on the scalp for 5-6 hrs before I washed my hair and didnt go in the sun for next 3 days and kept massaging my scalp when ever possible. It was a painful few days after that Relaxer from cost cutters. I think when it comes to hair and skin, I will never take a cheaper alternative. My hair cut was also so sad, I dont think the people there are trained well. A lay person like me knows not to apply even conditioner on the scalp but the lady at cost cutter's applied the relaxer cream on my scalp. The way she dried my hair was as if she would peel my scalp off any moment.Very unprofessional people, I am gonna talk to them today ask for a refund.The stylist name was Tammy. At any cost avoid her, if u happen to be there.

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