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Correctional Billing Services / Rip off

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This company is BULL [censored]!! I put $80 on a account and they say only 73.20 would go on my account giving me 4 calls 15 min each. I agreed to that but now every time my boyfriend calls me it goes through and you hear the "thanks for using correctional billing services" then i hear it click over and right when it does it clicks back and say "thanks for using correctional billing services" again!! And now i find out that they've been charging me for those calls all this time $5.68 for each min. and the whole minute was used listening to the lady tell me that the call may be monitored. I was PISSED so i just closed my account and got my money back i refuse to go broke over that [censored] a letter is going to have to do for now.

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  • Ma
      19th of Nov, 2008

    Dear Sir or madam
    i' would explain myself my biling cyle is postpone unto and later date and is 1month of 17 and never to be late at all an all equipement was to be posted under this account number 871211204-00001.long-ago time ago.the Equipemnt and remove the megabyte wasn't to be on since my telephone skips and don't work improperly an said and made and claim to have and replacement nothing was don and also voice mail wasn't to be on this account nor was to be charged. for megaby and don't wan't to redue there mistakes and supervisor and took these off when no down loading norusage and no more extra charged of 16.65 and overly charged of 1.99 none of this was to be used nor mobile and not coming on at all any more they didn'ting replaced this disfunticonal telephone skips and don't play right and place on mobile when it shouldn't even be there and i' ve have telephone goes on others screen won't replaced my telephone for blackberry storm and they won't reply why pay for telephone thats isn't working correctly nor wan't replaced and disfunctionally telephone and nor wan't to do telephone job.

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  • We
      24th of Jan, 2010

    When my husband was first put into the main jail i set up a prepay acct so he could call home, and they ripped me off by charging my prepaid acct for calls that i never received and when i called them to complain they stated that i did receive the calls and when i told them that i could back up my claim cuz my husband calls my cell phone cuz that is my actual phone and i could look up the usage and calls received on my online acct with at&t, the customer service rep did not know what to say cuz my cell phone usage showed those calls never came thru, i left the rep stuck on stupid. That's another thing once you get a rep they don't understand or speak english very well, it's like they outsourced there call center to india. Then he was moved from the main to work release where he can make calls using a regular pay phone until correctional billing put new phones into the facility, now they charge $.50 for a minute call or if they try to call collect correctional billing will call for them and try to get you to accept the call using a credit card when i asked the guy how much it will cost me, cuz they don't tell you unless you ask (another way to rip you off), the guy told me $12 for 3 mins with a $2.50 connection charge and $2 for each additional 5 mins, that 16.50 for 8 mins of talk time. I told the guy they f'n are f'n crazy and hung up on him. Some facility let the guy use calling cards, do some research the best one's for this area are millenium and the pa card, trust me it will save you alot of money.

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  • Do
      23rd of Aug, 2010

    This is a rip off, calls hang up after one minute and they state Im using a phone feature now the calls hanging up after 9 minutes on hold now for 50 minutes to speak with a manager. They state I need to fillout and fax a form for a credit. What the ***!!! This is a HOT Mess. The third CSR told me I could not speak to a manager and would not give me the physical address so I can go to the company. I asked for a refund of the balance of my account. I won't hold my breath.

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