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Correctional Billing ServicesI work for CBS

First of all I would just like to clarify some things that apparently are causing trouble to many customers. I am an employee of Correctional Billing Services and i think there´s some things you should know before complaining. Here´s the FAQ´s.

I have att/verizon/whatever unlimited long distance, I dont want you guys/youre tryin to rip me off/who the fxxk are you?
Well first of all, we are the company that provides the phone service, not att, verizon or whoever. Second, att is not going to monitor the calls and record them and provide the security features calls from prison must have, thus we exist(someones got to do it).

My calls keep bing disconnected because of a 3 way calling crap blah blah blah. . ..
Have you deactivated 3way calling, call waiting, call fwding off your phone?
Hell noo!! Why would i if my friend Shaniqua has them and is stil receiving calls blah blah blah. (This part is really funny because youre tellin them what to do to avoid disconnections but they wont just listen, they have to argue like if we were disconnecting calls for fun. WE DO NOT DISCONNECT CALLS, PRISON/JAIL DOES).

Your automated system keeps declining my payments, stupid machine of yours, incompetent blah blah blah (Like we were the ones not wanting to take their money, CBS WANT You making payments, and we tried to make the system stupid proof but you cant just imagine how stubborn people can be)
We are good people, we make a living out of this thus we want you guys to be satisfied but you have to understand were dealing mostly with criminals(No offense, Ive known truly GREAT PEOPLE locked up myself) so our system is VERY secure, so it wont let you make two pymnts in less than 24 hrs. That way we prevent Shaniqua/Latisha/Latoya/Shaquita calling upset because they were double charged or had fraudlent activity on the card. But people just wont listen and try till theyblock their cards, or else they will use one of their 100 billing adressess which will not match with the card info and will use different info and then blame us because theyre unable to receive call.

My calls are outrageously expensive, youre ripping me off!!
Well yes they are expensive, can you imagine the cost of recording each and every one of the inmates calls, monitoring them, setting up voice recognition systems and still hving to pay facilities a big check every month? Plus fcc fees. This is no joy ride, theres no cordless phones so that inmates can call 3 hrs to their sweethearts from bed. And yet customers speak (literally) 8 calls a day and still whine theyre being ripped off.

And my personal favourite. . .

Your CSR´s are a bunch of idiots, this is america you cant do that, im writing Obama!!! First, we are smart people, all of us speak(at least decently) 2 or 3 languages. Average customer cant even speak English propperly being born in the US, and nooooo we are not getting filthy rich, call center is in downtown Mexico City and while we make a decent living none of us earns more than 30 usd a day. God bless outsourcing, after all seems pretty american to me.


  • Pa
    paul cecerre Feb 17, 2009

    CBS was to provide collect call service from lorian correctional instatute . We set up an account with CBS for fifty dollars(50.00) in October.
    CBS did not provide any service and we have not received our requested refund to date.

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  • Er
    erin Mar 01, 2009

    I also have used correctional billing services extensively over the past year. My fiance got out of jail and I requested a refund on my account. It took them 4 weeks to send me a paper check, but I paid with a credit card. I called the company, whose call center is located in Texas, but their corporate offices are in Alabama. Nobody could give me the corporate phone number, nobody could give me any names of their superiors, nobody could send me a hard copy of their policies and procedures. Each time I had a cutoff call, I would call the call center to get that call refunded (because I was being charged a $2.75 connection fee, plus, 20 cents a minute.) I couldn't get a refund on a call more than 5 minutes if my fiance didn't call me back within 10 minutes. It seems like each employee makes up their own policies as to a call refund. When I could talk to my fiance, it seemed like the calls got terminated(by the company) at least 2 times a day. A recording would come over the line and say, " This call is being terminated. Dialing of additional digits is not allowed". Why the hell would I dial numbers when I want to talk to my fiance? The company said that the phones are sound sensitive and any loud noises might prompt the phone to hang up. What the hell is up with this company? There are like a million people in jails and prisons around the US and this is the only company that contracts calls, and they are ripping people off, left and right. I think the people that have used this company should sue them, for lost calls which equals money taken, stolen money, fraud, and whatever else they can be taken for since they take ### from us everyday, like the right to have a phone call from a loved one, and the right for a loved one to call us. I think this company needs major reform, if not bought out by a moral person with a brain who knows how to write a policy and procedure manual, and who knows WHO they work for and where their corporate headquarters is, and maybe ran by someone who has a loved one incarcerated, so they know what kind of ### we put up with when we give them our credit card numbers, and western unions. I could go on all day about this CBS, but I think is this company is a piece of ###, but regardless of what I say, I'm still going to be FORCED to use this company unless I open my own. Thanks!!!

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  • Sa
    Sandra Apr 06, 2009

    Corerrectional Billing is a company that rips people off!!!what can we do as a people to stop this? We have love ones that need to talk to us and we them...We need to do something collectively and put a stop to this company...and besides, this is the only company we have to go to in order for us to talk to our loved ones.

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  • Check to see if you can use Global Tel Link. I know it works for state and county corr. facilities.

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  • Sc
    scott loring Nov 23, 2009

    every time i put money on account. it seems to disappear without any phone conversations. they call to notify balance of 20.00 and the next day i check the balance and there is no balance remaining. they will not respond or credit my account. absolute scam

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  • We
    westsidegirl1966 Jan 24, 2010

    your an idiot for working and stickin up for this all these people complaining about the same rip off scam and u just don't get it, the only thing that will stop the company u defend is when it gets regulated. Right now the company is not regulated by the puc so there is nothing to stop them. as far as speaking english yeah right you guys outsource cuz i have called many times and i always get someone that is stuck on stupid cuz they don't speak or understand english. Nice try though

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  • Ja
    JAZMINA Apr 16, 2010



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  • Ex
    ex-rethuglican Feb 12, 2011

    If, as you say, you are a customer service representative of this company then perhaps we can come after you also for the fraud and deceit that this company perpetuates on the rest of us day in and day out. And YES, charging people for services not performed is fraud as is unauthorized charges to credit/debit cards and refusal to refund calls not completed or disconnected calls. Your company is guilty of price gouging by anyone else's rules. I note from your profile that you are in Mexico so once again the company rapes the American consumer by fraud and price gouging and outsources jobs to Mexico. Such a deal. Bunch of scammers.

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  • Cb
    CBS CSR Mar 24, 2011

    I used to work for this company. I was actually a Supervisor. Our call center was in Texas. As for the company ripping people off, the company alone doesn't set the rates for the calls. The facility and the company together set the rates. There are a few companies like CBS, they do bidding. Who ever has the better rates gets the contract for the prison or jail. And when the lines go down and you can't get calls, the CSR's do the best they can with the software they have. They clear the line and sometimes the phone company doesn't clear it on their end. I have also had clients on the phone with me, once I cleared the line within seconds they were getting a call from their loved one. I worked for the company for a year and it's been a while since I've been there. They made some changes to policy that none of us liked and when things were not good for our clients, the Texas call center took notes and took them to the head boss to try to change things. It's unfortunate that so many have had a bad experience.

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  • St
    Stephanie Golds Mar 11, 2012

    If I was posting a complaint for everyone to view, I would at least make sure I used spell check. In my opinion if someone is complaining about services a company provides that person should at least make the company there complaining about think the person complaining is above elementary level grammar and spelling. I actually agree with the complaint. but as I was reading the comment posted I was also thinking the person that wrote that comment doesn't even know how to spell or use correct grammar so I wonder if the complaint is accurate. However I have checked my balance both ways and calling is more accurate.


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