Cooper Vision and For Eyesrebate

I am extremely angry regarding a rebate that I anticipated receiving when I purchased my 4 boxes of Biofinity Toric contact lenses. All of the websites and businesses that sell these contacts advertise the $50 rebate. I had my eye exam at Marietta Eye Clinic on April 20. I then took my prescription and shopped online as well as in retail stores for the best offer on the lenses. When I contacted For Eyes in Marietta, GA, they quoted me a price and indicated that I would be eligible for a $50 rebate if I purchased an annual supply/4 boxes. I ordered my contacts, paid for them, and then asked how I receive the rebate. They looked through their drawers for a rebate form, could not find one, and then assured me that I could download a form online.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Marietta, GA
When I just went to Cooper Vision website, I couldn't find the rebate form, so I called Customer Service. The person I spoke to, Jessica, started to ask me questions about where I purchased my lenses and where I had my exam. I gave her that information, and then she proceeded to tell me that I can only qualify for the rebate if I got my exam and lenses in the same place. NO WHERE WAS THIS INDICATED IN ALL OF THE ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE REBATE!!!
I am very angry with Cooper Vision and expect them to make this right by providing me the $50 rebate. I DID purchase the contact lenses, so there should not be a bait and switch tactic now that allows them to withhold the $50.
Furthermore, For Eyes in Marietta, GA, who dispensed the contact lenses, should have been aware of this and not promised the rebate to me when they quoted the price.

Jun 06, 2018

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