Congoleum DuraCeramic PS24L01547 / Poor Quality

1 Grand Forks ND, United States

Congoleum DuraCeramic PS24L01547

This is the poorest quality floor available! I had this floor professionally installed
about 2 years ago. To date, there are 100+ areas where the top layer of vinyl
has come off. This product is supposed to come with a lifetime limited warranty.
This damage is not due to improper use. In fact, the white areas started to
appear within days of having the floor installed! Another problem is that the
floor color is a very dark brown/black and the next layer is almost a white.
Obviously any time the top color is penetrated, a glaring white spot will
appear. Break off a piece of the tile. What you have is a sheet of “Resilient
Flooring” with a wear surface so thin that you can tear it like a piece of

I purchased the flooring from Weivoda Carpet
Girl in Grand Forks ND. They refused to back up the product, as did Fargo Paint
and Glass and Congoleum. An “independent” inspector was sent by Congoleum. OF
COURSE, the “independent” inspector sided with Congoleum and said it was due to
us dropping and dragging things on the floor. If you so much as drop a fork it
gouges the floor! As a “goodwill gesture”, Congleum offered to provide a credit
for 39 cartons of DurCeramic material or a credit of $2398.22. Like I really was
going to snatch up the chance to have the same c*** installed again, plus have to pay for someone to remove the old
stuff and install the new stuff. The money offered didn’t even come close to
the expense that I had put into the flooring.

I will never again purchase anything from Weivoda Carpet Girl, Fargo Paint and Glass or Congoleum. I think you
should think twice about doing so either!

Apr 24, 2014

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