Comfort Keepers / Negligence/theft

United States

This is the worst company I have ever seen disguise themselves as a "home health" agency in my life! All the "nurses" did while they where here was sit on the couch and eat, watch TV on their phone ( with ear buds in so they couldn't hear the client) smoke cigarette and throw them in the garden, went through everything they where told was off limits including medication that was not theit clients. There's a lortab script still missing and they said they're where completely unaware the client had congestive heart failure even though it was in their folder. One nurse actually left even though the client was yelling for help I had to call 911. I'm pretty sure they where rippi ng him off (the lawyer is looking into that) and they took him to the er without telling any of his emergency contacts and told him to sign some hospital papers which turned out to be power of attorney papers. All of that's not even the worst of it but again the lawyer Is taking care of that now. These people are crooks, most of them don't even have any experience with home health care all they want is money. I pray they get enough complaints or even law suits that they are shut down ASAP.

Jul 28, 2016

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