Com Edbeing billed for services stated to have been in my name at an old address.

I was divorced and away from the billing address where services were alledged to have been provided in 2008 and since that time filed bankrupt in 2014 as result to divorce and detachment of all accrued bills during the
marriage. Anything to do with that location has no attachment to me which makes sense after the filing. If there were services provided, those that received such services should be billed.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Oak Brook, ILI was t old by the Com Ed rep in so many words, She didn't care as long as I paid the outstanding amount and start with paying today or my services where I live will be disconnected on May 18, 2017. My bill that I owe is $34.39 not $727.79
Her bully tactics were as if I were in every way guilty regardless of what happened. I'm sure if there were meter readings the place was probably vacant. The rep said that I should have had the service turned off. I never had it turned on... I will contact the Dept. Of Consumer Services.

May 17, 2017

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