Coles Supermarkets / staff ignoring the deli ticketing system, and discourteous behaviour

Macquarie, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Shopped at Coles Jamison Deli this afternoon. Ticketing system showed #46. When I arrived the next ticket was #47, which I took. Sarah was serving, along with another staff member. When she finished with her customer, she ignored the ticket system and dealt with the nearest customer waiting to be served. I piped up I had ticket #47, and she indicated that the other staff member would serve me. The other staff member was tied up with a customer for an unusually long time, and Sarah was serving #49 when the other staff member - who was polite and helpful - was free to serve me.
I told him I wasn't happy that the ticket number system wasn't being followed and placed my order with him.

Sarah I've previously found to be polite but the body language says she doesn't want to be there, but has to be polite as part of her job.

Whether she doesn't want to be there is immaterial. She is in a customer service area. If people are taking tickets, the staff should be checking and asking for the next number. You either use the system or if customer numbers are low, you switch off the system and advise customers accordingly.

I was offended by the discourteous and dismissive attitude displayed by Sarah towards me, and after being served by the other staff member, went straight to the customer service area and spoke to Katie. Katie was listening and helpful, and followed up with me later in an aisle to let me know she had spoken to her superior, and asked if I could put this complaint in writing.

Feb 3, 2017

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