Coles Supermarkets / packing

Brisbane west end Qld, Australia

I have just purchased ripe avocados and red papaya along with fish and socks and other supplies. I am not happy about the way my groceries were packed or the girl's attitude when I asked for items to be separated. I don't appreciate fish leaking onto my new socks. I don't appreciate having my fresh avocados and papaya arrive home damaged and squashed by the other heavy items being put on top of soft items. This happens so often (especially with eggs) and it is wasting my money because I have to throw the food out. I am fed up with the poor service and lack of respect for food and customers being treated with indifference. Please Coles...this is not good enough!!! I want to know what you are going to do about it and the food and socks that I am now having to throw out.

Jan 30, 2017

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